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Who dares allow this kitty cat out of her cage

In the heat for a Tomcat’s sweeten serenade

To the moon she howls

No obstructions for her carnal of disavowal

Have been sequestered in a calico fury of undulated bliss

Nine lives I roam in the forgotten path of reminisce

In the midnight hour ecstasy shall rehash

Encounter my cravings in the Garden of Eden for a fairy tale kiss

Lay me gently upon the grass

The moon faintly streaming on the temple of our skin

Animalistic rapture in the beginning, desires felt in the end

Fingers interlaced… squeezing them ever so tightly

In the chasm warmthness between my scared junction

Restore my soul as you taste the sweetness of my curvature vine

The juicy squirts dripping on the foundation amore

Our bodies merging, taking with it the storm of passion

You tapping into the rainfall, sinking deeper into my downpour

Drown me in the fate of your chasten embrace

Throw me overboard in the vast sea of your love

Take my labored breaths as I sink deeper, and deeper, and deeper

Extending my arms out

Interlocking our taste of Karma we feast

Resuscitate my faint heart

Give it the connotation of new heartbeats

In the dusk of dawn

As we walk into a new light of a renewed fate

Feeling the dampness of your searing love

Imprinting in the passage of my benediction walls

Only you can decipher when rewriting the love notes

For which it sounds ever so clear, so loud her..cage

 Erotica and Romance Novelist