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This poem was so good, I could not resist commenting line by line

My Deepest Passion
(with comments by Eightmore)

Harkin unto my heart echoing in the gentle wind
(I hear you calling for  love my friend)
A handsome King's caresses journeying over the suppleness of my skin
(My cock's erect and ready, I'd love to put it in)
Passion, lust, knighted as my seductive tale begins
(Please don't start without me, and my penis near your den)
Dreams of me.... mmm... you feel the tenderness of my hands  
(I am your slave to bow to you and honor your demands)
Shh... you want to feel inside this while under my saucy command  
(Grasp my cock and firmly hold it, and guide it with your hand)
The extension of his soul, wishes upon me, I have the flavor he strongly demand  
(The taste of your sweet pussy is more than I can stand)
 Lifting his state of arousal for my carnal taking  
(My balls turned blue are just for you, my rock hard dick is aching)
His body in a state of Nirvana as he lays under my care, unawaken  
(May I join you now, for pleasuring, or is your pussy taken?)
Bestowed ecstasies, moistened drools
(I will lick until your hot cum in pools)

Kiss me compassionately and stir the fervor inside my silken food
(Our tongues touch, and intertwine, it's so nice to be nude)
His virile body flinching, a lick here.. mm … and yes one right there
(Lick my balls, up and down my dick,  to show me that you care)
Has his body shaking, then rolling my mouth around his pairs  
(They are shaven, just for you, and bare of any hairs)
His wet dreams, I’m invading  
(And that act is not degrading)
In the realm of time, I hear the grunts he’s making
(My cock is hard and ready, and just right for the taking)
Entwined lover's embrace
(You suck my cock down deeply, and your pussy's in my face)
Silken pleasure found in the abyss of my inner thighs, enchanted longings of its honey taste  
( I will not, and I cannot, let that honey go to waste)

Whispers of promises as he seductively orbit his tongue over my Chi  
(It is for your enjoyment, later on's the rest of me)
Kisses to my Brazilian mound as he softly pamper my soft folds, moans behind my closed eyes  
(My kisses deep and long between your thighs)
Slow fingers trailing all in my dewy places, back arched, jiggling while in my tighten spaces
(My fingers just the starting guns for all the cumming races )
Oh... ba... oh baby... have sweet mercy, his finger, then his tongue on a collision course upon the trickling collide  
(Squeeze the cheeks, upon my face, enjoy the cumming ride)
Mm.. are you ready to cum inside, join me as you slip, my hips to greet his easing inside upon the slide  
(Your pussy's tight, the waves roll in, you're almost at high tide)
Euphoric bliss getting us both high  
(In your throes, you twist and turn, you're loving it, don't lie)
Purring on a breathless sigh  
(My testicles are ready, they have just the right supply)

Yes baby...  right there... Oh God yes, falling into the feeling of his gifted surmise  
 (You feel my semen flowing, it  should be of  no surprise)

Divide my temple, small suckles to my inner thigh  
(Just inside your moistened slit, your clitoris I spy)
Burying his nostrils, inhaling the scent of my pinkish surprise  
(A joy to my inhaling nose and  to my prying eyes)
Flicking the tip of his hunger desire to feast deeper inside  
(Would like to have longer tongue, would help to turn the tide)
Palming his head, seesawing my buttocks from off the bed  
(I've spanked your ass,  and fondled it, until it has grown red)
Squeezing my breasts, head denting the pillow while he's mouthing on my nest  
(I give your cunt an A+, It has more than passed the test)
Doing to me what he does best  
(I'm glad to hear you say that, and don't think that I'm a pest)
Taking my body, my mind, past the dimension of the fifth wonder
(Must take my time, plan my next move, so I do not fail or blunder) 
Clenching him tighter, in and out my nightly fate he takes, I surrender to his roaring thunder, breathless upon our asunder  
(It's time for you to get on top and fuck my hard cock while I'm under)

Mm... such clandestine fantasies felt  
(To the sphincter of your asshole, a few hard strokes were  dealt)
Rapture to his skin, the sensations between my teeth, to his skin let the cherry ice-cube melt  
My cock is real, it is not gelt
Oh.. I love the way he keeps me hot, ready, and my creamy tasting cunt soaking wet  
(We both will come out winners,  that is a cock sure bet)
Calling out my name.. oh, he is such a toy, a keeper
( My  cock goes in until the hilt, it is the pussy reaper)
Legs gapped farther open, inscribing his hard love on my sugar walls deeper and deeper
(No rest for now, I cannot snooze, there's not time to be a sleeper.)

Animalistic urges, supping off my cleavage honey and vintage champagne  
(My face  washed and conditioned, all is right within my brain )
Legs wrapping around his domination, making my cove mist then cave upon the butter rum rain  
(I'm giving all the thanks I can, that I did not miss the train)
Rendering me dazed, floating on an astral plane  
(Fornicating pleasures, now,  are driving me insane)
Whimpering to the skies.. for our illicit ties that bind  
(You dig your painted fingernails into my firm behind)

Mm.. and there he goes...
(We're toes to toes)
My cunt faster gyrating, my essence blending in with the monstrous streams of his pearly flow  
(Now is the time to do it, I would rather cum than go)
Mending us, his coated passion running free  
(I can feel your pussy pulsing as you cum along with me)
Hands over my head plundering to my core, in and out with a relinquished greed  
(I give you my all my everything, I fill you with my seed)
Tongues bonding with an insatiable need we feed
(Tasting of each other's cum, it is fine, oh yes indeed )
Cupping my buttocks, stroking in and out, the circling inside my lush  
(You're screaming, "Fuck me harder", there's no need for you to hush)
We have until the sunset no need to rush  
(Your breath is coming faster and your face is all  aflush)

My sweeten essence, I smeared on his lips
(Directly from the sweetness, that lies between your hips)
Kissing him, savoring the mingling of our drips
(I hunger for  the end results that linger on your lips) 
He smudge some to the peak of a tit
(And massage it in the nips a bit)
Taking a … lick  
(As you suck the semen from my prick)
My deepest desires
(Have  lit my erotic fires)
Thrusting in the far recess of my mind, each breathe we breath, takes me higher  
(I agree with you completely, or I would be a fucking liar)
Drawing his deeper to my warmth like a Moth to my sultry fires  
(A sacrifice I gladly give, upon your erotic pyres)

My Deepest Passion
(To write with fashion)

Written by SweetKittyCat5


 Erotica and Romance Novelist