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Mm... he smelling all good, standing behind me, my buttocks inching back into an aroused dick    
“Are you ready my love”, sealed with a quick kiss to the side of my soft lips  
Reaching backwards, sqeezing his erection through his pants, my palm began to drift    
Loving that drawing in hiss, his hot breath fanning the side of my neck    
My blindfold taken off, adjusting my eyes to a, ‘are you serious’ heartfelt gift    
Mm…a noted wish straight off my naughty bucket list    
Something I have always wanted to do, making love from dawn past noon    
Holding my Boo’s erection, tongue slobbing all over his balls, sucking him off in a hot air balloon    
Trench coat unknotted, sliding down my arms, heaping on dewy grass    
Goosebumps lining my arms    
Winking at my Knight, blushing, losing myself in his manly charms    
Pivoting for him, dropping it like its hot, giving him a bent over wiggle    
Parting my buttocks for that pinkish flash    
Hand slolwy rubbing all over this honeyed skin apple bottom ass    
Black stilettos on, lacy garter around my thigh, pleasing me when he gets it all    
Keeping my pussy pulsating for him when his cock slides deep inside my sugar walls    
Stepping into the comfort of our lust    
The propane tanks fired, rope loosen, praying, in God I trust    
Looking down as land appeared so distance    
Strong palms outlining my curvaceous frame    
Moving my curls aside, squeezing my breasts from behind    
Ooo, baby I like when you kiss it    
Bending me over, opening my butt cheeks taking a sniff    
No… baby… lick this    
Pulling out his jacket pocket a can of Reddi whip    
Spraying it in his mouth, pulling me closer, my tongue dining off his tongue tip    
Oh, God he done did it    
For his pheromones I’m an addict    
Spraying it all over his fingers, into my mouth licking it off one by one    
His passion way over my head, when taking his shirt off, raw desires becoming undone    
To the Heavens, calling out his name    
Once he gets on his kness, the first taste, he becomes untamed    
On the throne of his knees, his mouth heightening the tease    
Placing a stiletto on his shoulder blade, his tongue swimming up inside me    
My head bending backwards, being cradled by the air    
Gyrating on the tongue tip, breathless, panting, plaming his scalp    
Twisting his head, his saliva coating my pussy hairs    
Oh… baby… cupping my buttocks    
Pulling my pussy down into his mouth    
Sqeezing my breasts, my hand trailing down to my wet South    
Wetting his two digits, inserting, then licking my pussy to the back of my ass, a soft bite    
Spreading my legs wider    
My hazy eyes centered on the clouds above the earth    
Mm… don’t hurt it with that hard girth    
Maybe it’s his money, maybe it’s the way he licks the crotch after he rips off my thong    
Maybe it’s his smile, maybe it’s his dialect, but he turns me on    
He has my legs in the air, awakening my body like a morning song    
Cupping my hips, his mouth zooming on a tit    
Weakening me, legs buckling, catching me before I fall    
Palming his dick, sliding down on the width, shooting the length inside my silken walls    
A little cocky with that spell his tongue seems to cast    
Making me cum all over his tongue, his fingers, my dildo, anal beads, my moans never seem to outlast    
Oh yes, I can deal with that    
Stretching my tight pussy with his dick, taking it bit-by-bit    
Oh baby...yes …this... is better than any dream    
Then fuck me…. and give me all that wet cream    
Oh... my trickles, his movements, humping upward even fast    
Locking his groin, my pussy kissing his erection thickness, my juices fusing into his pearly blast    
The skies above witnessing the color of passion without the contrast    
"Thank you, my love," kissing his lips...    
We soared higher and made love again, until we came down to earth, such a beautiful reminisce    



 Erotica and Romance Novelist