Mm… I have been coveting your psyche from afar… my love   

Honey drips to your mind, as if tasting the feeling as you thrust from above 

Stirring in the sweet giving of this butter rum silken glove        

You’re best kept secret… mmm now naked in full view      

You’re stroking your member…better when a stilled image just cannot capture, this just due      

My melanin skin…you feen to taste, lick all over, your eyes to my body they hover        

Let me V-shape my clit it for you… my two fingers… to my slit they tease, as they smother      

Your manliness …. dominating these wet shores…. 

The door to my mind… once locked deep inside,

You like that don’t you      

Trying to give you a glimpse of this juicy food      

Oh baby… that’s right roam your palms down the curvature of my spine      

You got my body trembling knowing you are all mine   

Closing my eyes, I love the way you spread me…. for a midnight carnal ride      

Gliding the hardness of your arousal beyond my soft folds      

Shh... you like the warmthness of my soft hands sheltering you from winter’s, bitter cold        

One thrust, hooked in my deep sea dive then the dip      

Oh, my love … inching your erection back and forth, for the slicken slips      

Lips bites… love bites adorning your skin      

Kisses to my lips, wrapping my legs around your back... coveting as you slide in again…. and again… my spine arched…. I’m slowly seeping, snatching your girth out before I know      

In between my legs you climb, my buttocks cupped… licking ever so slowly, my butter rum flow      

My palm planted on your head      

Deeper and deeper you sink… What better feeling to rattle a bed      

Come here... handsome …let me taste the coating on the tip      

Oh yes…    I’m responsible, for all of this      

In and out… sinking your arousal deep inside my mouth      

My fingers… snaking all up in my wet south      

Oh God…. I love to hear your roar      

The throbbing, waiting for your pour      

Grunts behind the addicting pumping      

My tongue up and down your taut skin... holding the base... the elongation inside my mouth, drumming      

Your head bending back…your arousal beyond the blissful feeling… pre-cumming…  sss… oh baby I see you’re ready      

Lifting the back of my neck up… mmm… making love to my mouth, holding my head steady 

Oh…. gag me baby      

In between these sheets, a freaky little whore I am… no refined lady

Oh…yes… yes…. there my baby goes, squir…ting that pearly current… flavoring my tongue from the blow      

The essence on my hands dripping down my fingers…. swallowing your pearly flow      

Globs of residue serenading my tits      

Feeding you the hunger from my lustful drenched slit      

As you taste the essence of my Honey drips      

Mm... how sweet it is...

 Erotica and Romance Novelist