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Mm... come here my handsome one 

I’ll do with you wickedly as I so called please 

I’ll tie you up, then I’ll tie you down 

While I service upon my knees 

I’ll do you with me teasingly as you so call enjoy 

Come here my love, no time to act coy 

Oh, I’ll tickle you out, and I’ll tickle you in 

Ss... oh… spread my legs 

Mm…as your finger so…dart in 

Quenching upon your juices

Liking every sweet salty drop of sweat into my mouth  

Tasting every crevice of my butter rum skin 

Sss... oo… as my fingers join you down south 

I’ll do with you divinely as the nectar of this Queen Honeybee 

Filling in every space of my buzzing hive 

Oh…as you appease 

For you to feast upon me, upon my silken sheets 

I’ll do with pleasurably as I know

Starting fire where too much of your water flows 

Sending rivers of sweet relief into the burning passages, of love, of places you never have known 

Oo... soar my body above 

I’ll be me my love. 

And you could be you 

Oh… the two of us writhing like an ouroboros snake 

As you mmm… feast upon this carnal food 

I’ll match your movements with my hips 

As your body slip and dip 

I’ll give every inch for you to take 

Ooo ramming,.. your hands... curvaceously over my body 

Are you ready for the love we’re about to make


 Erotica and Romance Novelist