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Mm... you’ve delved into the two peaks of my soul
Glimpsing, tasting the abyss of numinous
Whispering unto me your tender discoveries
Exploring my soft Chi with inquisitive lips of pleasure
Scented sheets of lavender, as we lay
Your manly impetuous, yet dominant, in its Salutation
Impending in its thrusting foray
Then kneeling at the alter
The binding alliance of my wet supplication, your mouth shall, sweetly greet
Your lips shall taste the coated of my essence
Staining the remnants of my soul, it shall be savored
Mm... kissing the temple of my supple skin
Parting my pinkish ingress
Inhaling the scented appeal for your tongue  
To pollinate the rose petal of your desires
Mm…you crave of it my love
Seeping carnal pleasure
My lust it feeds you
Fingers sampling the foundation of my moist inaugural
One lick of passion
Eyes closed
Two licks as the elixir of lust seeps on your lips, on your tongue
The crown of your intellect palmed
Three licks  
Oh, my love, my back is arched; your body is coveted  
The core of me gyrating  
Seesawing to the Heaven’s my calling unbridled passion
Hands cupped the sacred temple of my buttocks
Mm... locking on the fountain of my pleasure  
Head indented the comforts of softness
Such sweeten drippings rainfalls as you quench
Swallowing the core of my soul
Giving unto you the beautiful indulgence of  
My Sacral Chakra  
Kisses... mmm… such sweet kisses  
Decoration in its adoration
Weakling me for your pleasure to be  
Your pleasure to claim
Mm… showers you coat my skin
Promises to me in the height of entwinement
One soul we shall merge
One love we shall bind
One heartbeat echo on the wind of stalwart passion
Lips locked
Grinding within the cove of me
Stirring, harmonizing deeper in the nest of honey
Mummers in the misty serenade of rapture  
Inch by inch as you, sink, deeper and deeper, deeper
My limbs encircling your stature as you reside
Clenching me in the basilica of a lover’s tryst  
Calling to the Heavens to set us free
Dialect mummers blending of its fruitful offerings
Drowning our sacredness as pools of contentment, overtake
Shudders of our temples we kneel at the throne of benediction  
Where souls of our unity shall meet
Christening in its new beginning to be blessed
Background music is the beautiful lyrics of George S. Clinton, Negligee and I personally do not hold any copyright for monetary value or for any gains, used solely for the pleasure for which it stands





 Erotica and Romance Novelist