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Mmm.. Wet And Ready

Not ready for his love, my softest reply  
Captured my heart with a poetic entice my heart can’t lie
I am ready as the moon sits high in the sky
Cum unto me and feel the heat of my desires, my lustful deviant surprise  
No debates as I seduce you with my soft bedroom hazel eyes  
Hissing as my fingers drag up my legs, his eyes intense as I'm parting my thighs  
Soaring my mind to the galaxy and above  
Yet, his dick craves my butter rum pussy for his own selfish love  
Stated not ready for this woman to submit unto him as passion languish patrols  
His hard erection sinking deeper inside me as ecstasy consoles  
My name forming by the syllables he pronounces in the agony of sheer bliss  
Hungry lapping at the sweeten showers of my honey drips  
My French exclamations escaping as he slips in and out the fatten tip  
From the succulent licks of my clit to the burial of his tongue saturating my peachy slit  
Mm… loudly groaning, begging me to stain him lips  
Oh…no... not yet big daddy I’m keeping this wetness for the invasion of the width of your dick  
Yes... oh God yes…  go on and delve into the pinkish walls of that sunken treasure  
Back flapping, my body trembling, from the seeking pleasure  
Legs wider parted, seesawing my hips, breasts pinched, you could not get this feeling any better  
Spoiling me while making me even wetter  
Stalling your twisting head movements as your tongue inside me rolls  
Eyes closed
Mashing down on the top of his head,  
His tongue serenading my soft folds  
Climaxing as he frees my heavenly rain my carnal pleasure possessing his soul  
Tongue retraction from the calling to be pleased  
Torrid passion, ass in the air at ninety degrees  
Palming his girth, darting his arousal in my soaking climatic creamy coating tease  
Surrendering unto him my dirty little bondage deeds  
Covers clenched smacking my buttocks, heightening the passion of my illicit needs  
As he pours into me the flow of his pearly seeds  
Love and sex are the throne to a woman’s song  
After I’ve gone  
He repeatedly calling me trying to reach this good pussy asking me when again and baby don't take too long
My preference on call when his palm cannot provide the needs alone  
On my knees, pleasing his erogenous comfort zone  
My love, I am ready, heart, body, soul, by destiny designs  
You know I have that knack to take your body pass the enlightenment of cloud nine  
And you know you like the smell of this  
In essence, that I could make you surrender unto me, with my fingers, my pussy, my ass, or the milking of my lips, hey, that’s just the half of my gifts  
In the elevation of passion, weakening you while I’m making you mine  
Releasing your pearly flow as my pussy covets while it gyrates, seductively grinds  
Two hearts twined  
Two poetic minds  
Kissed by the reminisce of stolen time  

Oo sweet mercy... tell me baby, did you get all that

 Erotica and Romance Novelist