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Saint Paul, Minnesota
“Mother, I don’t know if I can make it home for Christmas.” Selena changed her cell phone to the other ear while maneuvering her BMW through a green light.
“Selena, the family has heard the same excuse last year, and the year before that.”
“Mother, I apologize for my absence, but my company is just now starting to reap the rewards of hard work, and dedication.”
“Yes and a woman need a social life outside of work. In addition, I would like grandchildren from my only offspring before I retire to a rocking chair.”
Selena rolled her eyes at the ordained speech about kids and marriage. At the ripe age of twenty-six, she did not see that foundation in her future. She pressed her foot on the gas pedal and proceeded through traffic. She looked both ways and then turned on her signal light. “Mother I...” A jolt from behind startled her. “Darn it... Mother I have to call you back.” Selena flipped her cell phone down and unsnapped her seatbelt. She opened the car door, exited her vehicle, and pushed the door close.
Salas removed his Kenneth Cole wire-rimmed sunglass, folded them, and placed them in his suit jacket breast pocket. “It figures, a woman driver.”
Selena lifted her head. “Yes, who had the right-a-way.”
Salas glanced at the woman’s dainty hand as she waved it in the air to rationalize her point. “Talking on a cell phone while driving in some states is a serious offence.”
Selena folded her arms over her chest. “And who will be the one to disclose it?”
Damn, why conceal a perfect set of firm breasts he thought. Salas moved aside the front flap of his suit jacket.
Selena looked down at the gold nickel-plated badge clipped on his belt, and a gun snuggled in the waistband of his pants. “I..., I was.”
“On an important call, yes, I’ve heard it before,” Salas added.
Selena looked at the front fender of the Jaguar. “Since no damage was done. I suggest we exchange insurance information, and move on.” Selena walked back to her vehicle, opened the door, and reached over to the passenger seat for her purse.
Salas tilted his head. A derrière shaped like an apple-bottom danced into view. Very nice he thought.
Selena pushed the door close and returned to where she left the man standing. “Here is my insurance company’s information.” Selena handed Salas the card.
Salas’ strong hand overlapped Selena’s hand to retrieve it.
Selena recoiled her hand. Salas looked down at the card.
“And now I will take yours.”
Salas looked up and arched his eyebrows at the woman’s domineering demeanor.  “Sure, why not.”
Salas reached behind and dug inside his back pants pocket. He pulled out his wallet, opened it, and then removed his insurance company business card. He closed his wallet and returned it to his back pants pocket. “Here you are, Selena.”
“How did…”
“You accidently handed me your business card.”
“I’ll take that.” Selena reached out for her business card.
Salas retracted his hand and looked down. “CEO of Beckfield Marketing and Advertising, very impressive.” He looked up and leisurely roved his eyes over a 5-foot-6 voluptuous physique.
Her black skirt displayed curvilinear hips, and what he could see, a flat abdomen. Salas sucked in his breath after his eyes settled on her white silk blouse. He wondered was she aware, that the lacy bra she chose to wear, outlined firm breasts topped with two pebbled breast nipples. He could not steal his eyes away from her bronzed-skinned tone unblemished complexion. The small black mole perched above her succulent lips, made him think of silk sheets. Her long black eyelashes, veiled a pair of seductive amber-colored eyes. A ponytail holder confined a mass of jet-black tresses dangling beyond her shoulder blades.
“I hope you’re getting pleasure from the view.”
Salas cleared his throat. His eyes roved over her once again. “I have no complaints from here.”
Selena blushed. She glanced down at her Cartier watch. “Listen, I would love to stand here and exchange pleasantries with you, however, I do have a meeting that I’m late for.”
“Have dinner with me tonight Selena”
“Pardon me?”
“I’m sure you and I can exchange more than pleasantries.”
Umm, straight to the point, Selena thought.
“I’m busy.” Selena walked away.
Salas followed. He glanced down at a pair of long legs, and a lush derrière from behind. “There is this new restaurant that I’ve heard rave reviews about. How about it?”
Selena turned back around. “You are very persistent I see.”
“Yes, it’s my duty to protect.” Salas looked Selena up and down. His eyes fell upon her breast nipples. “And serve.”
Selena canvassed her eyes over a 6-foot-3 sinewy stature. The man’s ebony colored eyes pinned her existence. Ummmm, what a virile gift to unwrap she thought. He was overtly handsome in an obscene way. His toffee-skin tone complexion, paid homage to the groove lines around his mouth, which relaxed into the most engaging smile a woman can lose her soul in. A full goatee surrounded a carnal mouth, and kissable lips that
defined the adjectives, sinful interrogation. His natural black waves were professional trimmed and worn close to his scalp.
The dark blue double-breasted suit fitted comfortably over his physique. His groomed appearance could become an addictive aphrodisiac, for a woman who wanted to experience, physical euphoric, and sexual abandonment under the sheets.
Selena wondered how much the Rolex around his wrist set him back.
“I hope you’re enjoying the view gorgeous.”
“After I’ve seen the rest, I’ll let you know.”
Salas palmed his goatee.  “Do we have a date, Selena?”
“Yes Mr...”
“It’s Salas.”
“Salas? That’s an uncommon name for a handsome African American male.”
“Oh you think I’m handsome?”
“I do.”
Salas nodded his head at the compliment. “I’ll see you tonight, correct?”
“Yes you will. Oh, what time?”
“Say around seven o’clock.”
“I’ll be there.” Selena turned and walked back to her vehicle.
“Looking good from here,” Salas uttered under his breath.  He looked on as Selena opened her car door, got in, and pulled the door close.
Selena pulled off.
Salas put back on his sunglasses.
A car horn blew from behind.
“Oh shit.” Salas remembered he was standing in the middle of the street. He walked back to his Jaguar, opened the door, and fitted his presence behind the steering wheel. He pulled the door close, twisted the key inside the ignition, and pulled off.
Selena stood in front of the mirror and brushed her hair. She smiled at the memory of the handsome man she encountered earlier. She nearly escaped his invitation for dinner tonight. She placed the brush down on the dresser and adjusted the spaghetti straps of her lacy camisole. She looked around her two-bedroom penthouse. “So what I’m going to grow into an old spinster, I’m content with that.”
She walked out of her bedroom.
The intercom buzzed.
Selena glanced over at the pewter clock on the fireplace mantel. She strolled to the door and pressed in the intercom button.
“May I help you?”
“Yes, is this the residence of Selena Beckfield?”
“Yes…, and you are?”
“A man who allowed a beautiful woman to escape him.”
Selena smiled. “How can I help you Salas?”
“Is the dinner invitation still confirmed for this evening?”
Selena looked down at her intimate attire. “It’s very late.”
“Is it okay if we speak face-to-face? There is an elderly woman watching me with stern eyes.”
Selena smiled and released the lock to the security door. “I’m on the top floor.”
“I’ll be up in a minute.”
Selena opened the door just as Salas stepped off the freight elevator.
Salas looked at the lacy red camisole Selena had on. He almost lost his footing.
“Hello beautiful.”
“Good evening handsome.”
Salas stroked Selena’s cheek.
“You looked sensational.”
“I’m a little underdressed, but thank you.”
Salas wanted to reach out and massage the light-brownish nipples that strained against the lacy fabric.
“How did you know where I reside?”
“I work for the County Police Department, and I would have searched effortlessly until I found you.”
“A handsome man on a mission, I love it.”
Salas’ eyes journeyed back to Selena’s breasts.
“I’m sorry, please come in.”
“Thank you.”
Selena stepped back. Salas entered Selena’s penthouse and closed the door. He looked around.
“You have a very nice place.”
“Thank you, and since you’re here, and overdressed I’ll…”
“It will take me no time to take my clothes off.”
Salas winked at Selena.
“Nice try handsome. Would you like to eat here?”
Salas looked down between the space of Selena’s inner thighs, and then into her eyes. “Most definitely.”
“Can I take your jacket?”
“Yes, thank you.” Salas took off his suit jacket and handed it to Selena.
The cologne trapped in the fabric stirred her libido.
“Salas, would you like a glass of wine?”
“For starters, yes.”
Selena pivoted. The man is bringing it non-stop she thought.
Salas reached out and touched one of Selena’s tresses.
Selena turned around.
“You are to blame for me not completing any of my assignments today.”
“Care to explain your accusation handsome?”
“I can do even better.”
Salas wrapped his arm around Selena’s waist and pulled her against his chest wall; he tilted her chin and descended his face. His lips lightly brushed hers. “Selena, I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
Salas kissed Selena’s forehead and inched closer.
Selena inched back.
“Salas we…”
“Selena, I do not mean to be forward, but it’s something about you that I find totally captivating.”
“Salas, I’m not looking beyond tomorrow. My life is practical and I prefer that it remain as such.”
Salas slicked his hand back through his hair.
“Selena, if you want no strings attached. I can respect that. All I’m asking for is tonight.”
Salas kissed the side of Selena’s neck.
Selena arched her neck to one side.
“I’ve missed you Selena.”
The suit jacket fell to the carpet.
Salas stepped back. He lifted one of the straps to her camisole.
Selena looked down. The strap drooped down her arm.
Salas bent his head down and kissed one of Selena’s shoulder blades. His tongue made a wet pilgrimage to the dark-brownish landing of her areola; he mouthed the budded nipple and suckled it. He groped her derrière and pulled her closer. He kissed her chin and relieved the other strap in haste.
Selena quickly freed both arms. Salas pushed the camisole down Selena’s legs.
The flimsy garment landed at her feet.
Selena stepped out of it.
Salas coveted the other nipple. He repeatedly flapped his tongue over, and then around the peak.
“Oh… Salas.”  Selena leaned into Salas’ embrace.
Salas picked Selena up and swung her up into his arms. “Where’s your bedroom.”
“Up those steps and to the...”
Salas seized Selena’s lips. He mounted three steps and hurried in the direction of her bedroom. He kicked the door open wider, entered her bedroom, and rushed across the room. Salas gently laid Selena on the bed. He stepped back and loosened his tie, slid it from around his neck, and then unbuttoned his shirt. He took it off and threw both items on the bottom of the bed.
Selena’s pussy dampened at the sight of Salas’ hirsute brawny chest.
Salas bent downward and quickly took off his shoes, and then socks.
Selena sat up and reached for the front of Salas’ pants. She unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and then pulled down his pants and briefs.
Salas pushed the clothing items down his legs, and kicked off both.
He palmed his manhood with one hand, and cupped the back of Selena’s head with the other.
Selena gapped her mouth and sheltered the fatten width.
“Oh baby.”
Selena wrapped her palm around Salas’ palm and inched her mouth back and forth. She teased the helmet of his manhood with her lips.
Salas placed his palm on top of Selena’s head and threw his head back.
Selena danced the tip of her tongue up and down the lengthened taut skin; she gingerly caressed the saggy skin and slurped his testicles inside her mouth.
“Oh baby I’m loving this,” Salas moaned to the heavens. He slowly inched his dick out of Selena’s mouth.  Salas placed one knee on the bed and crawled over it.
Selena’s back graced the Egyptian bed cover. She palmed Salas’ cheeks and brought his face down to hers.
Salas compassionately kissed Selena on her lips. He nuzzled her neck, and decorated her skin with tiny kisses. “Tell me you want me Selena.” He stuck his tongue inside her ear canal.
“Oh... Salas.”  Selena’s entire body vibrated at the intimate contact.
“You are so beautiful Selena,” Salas whispered in her ear. He kissed her ear and licked around the lobe.
Selena kissed Salas’ chest wall, and swept her tongue over his skin.
“Oh baby, I want to feel my dick inside you so bad.”
The structure of his sinewy body shielding hers, his erect dick lying at the door to her womanhood, and a colony of chest hairs tickling her skin, weakened her with anticipation to feel his dick pumping inside of her.
Salas bent his head down and dipped his tongue inside Selena’s inverted naval. He kissed her entire midriff and inched his mouth lower. His tongue coursed its way through her downy hairs.
Selena opened her legs wider.
Salas inserted his finger inside Selena’s pussy and wiggled it. “Oh you’re so wet for me.” He withdrew his finger and stuck it inside his mouth. He peeled back the soft pinkish skin and massaged her clitoris between his lips.
“Oh…, shit…, Sa…, Salas.”
Salas rapidly fired his tongue in and out of Selena’s pussy.
Selena opened her legs even wider and surrendered to the tongue-lashing. She gripped the bedcover and arched her back in physical oblivion. “Come on baby, I..., I want to feel your dick inside of me.”
Salas kissed one of Selena’s thighs and stood. He reached down for his pants and dug inside the back pocket. He took out a condom, ripped the foil packet open, and rolled the latex over his erect manhood. He placed the packet on the bedside lamp stand. “You are everything a man could wish for.” Salas positioned himself between Selena’s thighs. He palmed his manhood and eased the engorged flesh inside her narrow vaginal opening. He gripped the headboard, and banged his groin into her pelvis.
“Oh… feel.”
Selena held Salas by his lower back and wickedly shuffled her pussy to accept the vigorous, yet pleasurable invasion.
Baby, I’m about…I’m about to fucking cum.” Salas leaned down and licked over Selena’s breast nipple. “Oh Selena…oh baby, fuck.” Salas threw his head back and ejaculated.
The pearly essence filled the condom. Salas kissed Selena’s lips tenderly. He laid on her, cupped her buttocks, and rammed his dick farther. “Cum on that dick for me,” Salas, whispered in her ear. He snaked the tip of his tongue inside her ear canal.
Selena’s vaginal muscles reached its pinnacle and then released. “Salas…, oh…, ooooh…, I’m cumming…” She held him tighter against her body.
Salas kissed Selena’s lips and thrust his dick harder inside her pussy. He kissed her eyes, her nose, and then arrested her awaiting lips. Both decreased the interchanging moments of physical unity to a sluggish cadence. Salas kissed Selena and then inched back. “Whew woman. You’re trying to whip thee ole boy.” Salas nuzzled his nose against hers.
Selena enclosed her arms around Salas’s neck. “No, just trying to keep a handsome brotha returning to my bed.”
“Then woman, considered me got.”
Selena kissed Salas on his shoulder blade.
Salas pulsated his manhood inside Selena’s womanhood. He kissed her and rolled over onto his back. “Come here.”
Selena pillowed her head on Salas’ chest.
Salas removed the condom and tossed it on the bedside lamp stand. He threw the bedcover over them.
Both drifted off to sleep.
Salas rose from the bed and looked down at Selena. The first thought came into mind, was, good pussy. He dressed in a cloak of darkness, and then sat down on the bed; he slipped into his socks then shoes. He pivoted to look at the woman, whose loving literally astounded him. Salas rubbed the back of his palm over one of Selena’s breasts. He dropped his head and kissed a deflated nipple; he licked under her chin, and then kissed her lips. He outlined the contour of her lips with his thumb.
Selena slowly opened her eyes and stretched.
“Good morning beautiful.”
“Mmm, and a good morning to you as well handsome. What time is it?”
“Five o’clock.”
Selena reached over, turned the lamp on, and sat up. Her nudity sent his body in a tailspin.
Salas wished he were not due back at the precinct so early in the morning. He needed an excuse to get back in bed with her.
“Would you like some breakfast?” Selena threw the covers aside before Salas issued an answer. She got out the bed and headed for the door. “I make the best pancakes to die for.”
“You want eggs I suppose,” Selena unconsciously rambled to herself.
The morning after sharing her bed with a man, was always marred, with the exchange of, regrets, the, let’s get back together promises, or, her favorite, I’ll call you.
“Come here.”
Please don’t make this difficult to walk away she thought.
Selena turned and walked over to where Salas sat.
Salas pulled Selena between his thighs and hugged her around her waist.
“Your body is so warm.” He kissed her abdomen. “I have to attend a family gathering this weekend. I would feel blessed if you could accompany me.”
“I don’t…”
“You do not have to answer right now. All I ask you to do is think about it.”
“Salas, I thought we agreed after today that…we’ll…, that we would go our separate ways.”
Salas inched Selena back and looked up. “You mean, you can make love to me all night long, wake up in the morning, and pretend we never happened.”
“Don’t go there. Men do it all the time to women.”
Selena walked to the door. Salas was on her heels.
“Now, about those pancakes, handsome?”
“I don’t want any fucking pancakes! I want to talk about this…us.”
Selena turned around. “There is no this, or us.”
“I don’t believe this shit.” Salas slicked his hand back through his hair.
Selena crossed her arms over her chest. “Believe what?”
“You are one of those materialistic; I don’t need a man to make me a complete woman.”
“How dare you.”
Two pair of eyes pierced each other.
“I’m trying to be nice. Now, do you want breakfast, or not.”
Salas walked to the door, opened it, and walked out. He pulled the door close with a rattling bang.
Selena sat down on the couch. “I don’t need a man to validate my presence.” Then why do she always feel so empty inside she thought?
Later That Evening
Selena looked down at the adverting slogan. ‘You are one of those materialistic; I don’t need a man to make me complete women.’ She sat back in her chair.
Why did his accusation hurt so much? She have bedded several men, and walked away scot-free. What made his presence so special?
Her intercom buzzed.
Selena lifted her glass of Merlot from off the table, rose, and ambulated to the door. She pressed the intercom button.
“Selena, I do not mean to bother you. However, I seem to have misplaced my wallet. Have you seen it?”
Silence hung in the air.
“All right, I thought I’ll ask.”
“Since I haven’t made my bed up yet, you can always come up and check.”
“Are you sure I’m not disturbing you.”
Selena released the intercom button. She pushed her white sweat pants below her hips, removed her sweat jacket, and threw it over the back of a wingback chair. She squeezed her breast nipples through her white sport’s bra.
Her doorbell buzzed.
Selena combed her fingers through her tresses and walked to the door. She moistened her lips and opened the door.
Salas’ eyes traveled from Selena’s pedicure toenails, up to her flat midriff.
Selena saw the physical hunger in Salas’ eyes. She took a sip of her wine and seductively rolled her tongue over her lips.
“You said you lost your wallet?”
“Yes, I seem to be losing a lot of things lately.”
The gray fleece with the inscribed words, Police Academy displayed a massive chest wall.
Selena looked down at Salas’ Nike sneakers and then the front of his gray sweat pants. Her eyes got lost in the imprint of his semi-flaccid manhood.
“Would you like to cum inside me…, I meant, come in and look around.”
“I ache to cum inside you. I mean inside your residence to look around.”
Selena stepped aside.
Salas entered Selena’s penthouse.
Selena whiffed a hint of sandalwood soap and sweat on his person. She closed the door. “I’m sure you know where the bedroom is located.”
Salas looked down at Selena’s legs. “Yes I do.”
Selena tapped Salas’ chest. “You’ve been working out.”
“More like taking my sexual deprivation out on a punching bag.”
“A human body works for me.”
Salas stroked Selena’s cheek. “Are you volunteering yours?”
“The thought sounds very tempting. Oh silly me, you’re here to see if you lost your wallet.”
“Your wallet, remember.”
“Oh, my wallet, yes.”
“I was about to fix dinner. If you were not in such a hurry to locate your wallet. I would invite you for dinner and a piece of kinky dessert for later on.”
Selena dipped a finger inside her glass of wine and licked the sweeten elixir off it. She winked at him, turned, and headed in the direction of the kitchen.
Salas got a flashback of Selena’s nude body, and the memory of him driving his dick in and out of her pussy. He walked into the kitchen.
Selena was standing near the cooking island tossing a salad.
“You need help with anything?”
“No thank you?”
Selena pivoted to look at Salas. She wanted to laugh at his sagging facial expression. Boy he was so handsome to look at.
Salas leaned back against the refrigerator. “I don’t think my wallet is here.”
“Well I guess I’ll see you around then.”
“You wouldn’t kick a brotha out, if he admits he really wanted to see you again, would you?”
Selena inhaled and exhaled. She pivoted to face Salas. “And you would stay for dinner, if a woman admits that she really wanted to see you again, want you?”
Both laughed.
Salas inched over to the cooking island; he caged Selena’s presence in. He caressed a bare shoulder blade and then kissed the other one. “Your skin is very soft, as the rest of you.”
“Thank you.” Selena picked up a towel and wiped her hands off. She inched her derrière back and made contact with his manhood. Oh yes, this is definitely worth hibernating under the sheets again.
Salas scooted closer. “How was your day Miss. CEO?”
“Busy, especially with trying to please the most difficult clients.”
“I’m sure you’re good at what you do, or your clients would have taken their business elsewhere.”
“I needed that, thank you. Speaking of good at what you do. Are you keeping the residents of St. Paul safe?”
“In reality, I’m the Chief of Police. My duties strongly consist of overseeing my precinct; however, my subordinates protect the citizens to the best of his or her ability. Nevertheless, I would see to your safety personally.”
Selena blushed. She turned to face Salas. “So you’re the Chief of Police?”
“I am,” Salas replied and arrogantly smiled.
Salas moved one of Selena’s tresses aside and kissed her temple. He enfolded her in his arms and pulled her against his chest.
“Umm, I feel safe already handsome.”
Salas leaned his head downward and captured Selena’s lips in a searing kiss. He inched back and kissed her forehead. “Thank you.” He squeezed her to his frame tighter.
“For.” Selena kissed him on the chin.
“Inviting me into your life.”
“Now that you’re officially invited, please do not make me regret the invitation.”
Salas kissed Selena on her cheek. He pressed his body against hers and kissed her on the lips. He whispered in her ear, “You have my word beautiful.”
“Can we seal your word with a kiss handsome?”
“You can get anything you want from me gorgeous.” Salas uplifted Selena’s chin and kissed her. His inched back and caressed her cheek. “Is it safe to ask you out?”
“I guess you’ll just have to ask me out and see.”
“Selena, will you have dinner with me tomorrow night.”
“Therefore, no more talk of one night encounters.”
“I have the foggiest idea what you’re talking about handsome.”
“Maybe I should show you.”
“I did hear you say, it’s your duty, to protect…, and serve.”
“How about dinner...”
“Which, we will eat much, much, later.”
“Indeed we will beautiful.”
Salas swung Selena up in his arms and carried her out the kitchen.

 Erotica and Romance Novelist