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“Come Here My Handsome Poet, I Need To Mentally Fuck You”

Come here my honry handsome poet
Mm... and please bring the strawberries, whip cream, and the Moet
Make yourself comfortable on the silk covered bed  
And yes, I remember you like red  
You have been begging to plummet deep between these French Creole legs  
Let me slip into something sexy, see-through, silk and lacy  
Crotchless panties… mmm... oh you like that big boy, flimsy, risqué, and racy  
Oh yes, this night is for your private eyes, I’m wet, you will find my butter rum silken and very tasty  
My love, the wine glasses are on the nightstand  
It’s time I give you all the loving your dick can stand  
And it won’t be going down any time tonight  
My hungry mouth, my tight ass hole, and wet pussy will keep that hard on in flight    
Let me make love to you all up and down my page  
You’ve enticed this sweet kitty out her cage  
Bodies, minds, hearts, we intimately engage  
Shh... no one will come to know of this  
I just want to see, feel, and then suck your throbbing dick  
I’ve been purring in the wind for you  
You know you are my one and only poetic boo    
You make me so wet when you’re feeling all up on my mental groove  
This KittyCat has been in heat begging to give you your just due  
I want to taste the sweat drippings coveting my skin in the abyss of thriving passion, amore  
Deeper as you’re sinking, throbbing and inching it in and out, tapping into my inner core  
Clenching and scratching your back, begging, pleading, moaning for you to give me more  
Pulling out kissing my lips, slowly circling the tip  
Anchoring, pumping, hashing    
Begging, grunting to drop your load while your erection is blindly thrashing  
Whip cream around your dick hand pumping, feening for that pearly flow  
Mouthing the elongation until the tip kisses the back of my throat  
Pools of drools  
Mouth and hand in perfect coordination, choking, gaging    
Kissing under your balls, twin tea bagging  
Polishing the sticky essence, coating my lips  
Tasting your pre-cum seeping on my tongue bit-by-bit  
Spitting on the tip  
Licking it off in slow long tongue strokes  
Palming my head, pushing my head downward, bucking my mouth with that hard pole  
Thinking about when I’m gonna climb on you and give you my wet pussy hole  
Back hitting the pillow, lost in that feeling of the weakening suck  
Fingering my wet south, easing up, smearing my honey dew on your manhood, hissing from your face fuck  
Placing your dick between my tits  
Sandwiching each thrust with a tongue lick, soft flick  
Feeling you throbbing with each slip pass my lips  
Succumbing your lust to the pleasure of my mouth’s gift  
Palming your girth, Holy epithets you groan behind the please  
Body shuddering, your manly seeds, riding the tendency of my tongue tease  
Swallowing you, loving the digest of your raw emotions  
Soft lyrics caressing the silence of my cosmic Chi  with your love potion  
Ecstasy notes gently enveloping me of enticing jazz devotions    
Relax my love… you will get this pussy and my tight ass the next time  
How about opening that bottle of wine  
The night is still young for what I have in mind…. wink


 Erotica and Romance Novelist