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My inviting soft smoky-colored eyes you gaze into  
An allurement to give any man his just due  
Upon the lay, candles flickering, our silhouettes shadowed, disrobing, heaps of attire in disarray
Whispering in your ear, this night, take my breath away
The back of your hand, blanketing down my supple skin, hypnotic eyes glimpsing into the crux of my soul  
My back, slowly to the bed it goes  
Dividing, conquering as you inhale the scent of me through your nose  
Sweet drips of honey savored as your tongue dips into paradise, snaking within, the tip teases, swiftly cajoles  
Ebony delight through and through  
Enticing your loins, rising to the call, slowly easing into my gyrating moves  
Clenched skin while lying under you  
Giving you a taste of my dewy carnal food  
Dunking, twisting, circling your girth... draining you for all its worth  
Moans of more, Oh God don't stop... echoing once locked deep inside  
Back arched in Heaven’s cradle upon the slip and slide  
Hungry passion, wet ecstasy clashing upon the slicken collide  
Bumping and grinding, my hips you impatiently grip  
Tender kisses to the landing of my soft lips  
Tongues binding, unlocking the mysteries of my mellifluous gifts  
Legs entangling, back arched, pleasing the nature of your harden uplift  
In my bed of such wicked fantasies, vivid wet dreams  
Denied bodies in heat… mm.. loving the essence of my seeping butter rum cream  
A compulsion found in the quintessence of my soothing touch  
Within the passage of my charms, time has no rush  
Parting me deeper… oh yes, go deeper, mixing your flowing streams all up into my trickling gush  
Mm.. and mm... no flavor compared in as much  
You wanna taste


 Erotica and Romance Novelist