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Fervent emotions caught up in the cadence of your mental groove  
Balancing me out as I forage off your spiritual food  
If there ever was a time to sink into the desire of what’s being spoken  
In the midnight hour your lips whispers over mine, ecstasy awoken  

The scent of lust, the touch of compassion floating in your head  
Taking your hand leading you over to a silken clothed bed  
Emotions, passions, heartfelt needs you shall be fed  

For this night, allow me to love you mindless into infinity  
In this bed of comfort, our souls surrendering unto yearns of serenity  
No remnants of pain shall descend as we lay  
Shh…no more words for us to ever say, mm… you feel me in the cadence of the sway  
Bathe in the essence of my soul as our bodies tenderly slay  
Seductively play  
Be that it may  
Allow the cloak of my veil to soar you away  
Leaving behind earthly sorrows  
Stopping the hourglass of time to give us a taste of better tomorrows  
I could never see the world’s pain through your eyes  
Feel the essence of your heart when you are asking the whys  
Hear the reasons of your unanswered questions drifting to the skies  
Yet, enunciated syllables of reminisce felt in love notes of denied goodbyes  
Eyes closed, bodies soaked in the fervent aftermath  
Souls entwined, honey dew drops in the passage of my silken path  
My beguiling scent I placed at the helm of your feet  
Infusing the nectar, pollinating the essence within the deepness of me  
Crossroads in the depth we blend, savoring the mend, trickles infusing upon the spine bend  
Your caresses, your touches, defenseless I clench within the weakening send  
Uncharted dreams, yet, awaken, Nirvana kissed by reality, motion in  every plundering way  
Kismet Karma journeys us to the calling of the day  
Twin souls put asunder as you’ve pleased the chasm of paradise with a gentle ease  
The hunger of your yearns will always be such a sweet tease  
Blissfully sedated from the appease  


 Erotica and Romance Novelist