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California Exotic Novelties



I  received one or more products mentioned above free from the manufacturer. My review of the product is based on

my personal opinion. I recommend and endorse products based on what I believe is best for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's Guidelines, CFR, part 255


Product Review





“Aah...Aah, Aah Aah...Aah, I’m loving it”
This mini-massager is what’s know in my world, as food of the God, to serve the pleasurable needs of human womankind
To be uplifted to a physical ascending climatic deliverance, and then to have the body release in a private indulgence, is an awesome experience, in as much, this is the sole description to explain the feeling that the Charisma Bliss Massager provides
The ten vibrations and pulsating speeds are very powerful, it reaches the core to heighten the pre-climatic effect, and I must say, even without penetration, delivers on its promise to allow you a rippling orgasm.
I love the smooth angular-shape helmet, and the easy hand held structure.
The ten functions give you the option for a steady pulse, a rotating pulse, and steady and vibration pulse. The feeling of each function, coupled with the escalated speeds, is endless. I truly love this massager.
The Charisma Bliss Massager, is powerful, whereas, your vaginal orifice, will provide the slickness for insertion, and just a teasing feeling, to climb the scales of physical euphoric, along with an aftermath, which is a sensitive and tender moment with self
“This mini-massager is OMG, and truly equipped to handle the job”
The color comes in pink and black

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