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Into the nightfall
The shroud of darkness is my bed of solace
Warmness found in buoyancy of the high moon  
Naked in the absence of a mere extended touch  
Unravished needs to surrender  
Within dreams unforeseen, fairy tales foretold  
Like the veil of thick fog  
Slowing seeping beneath the space of my pane  
The window of time shall I open wide  
Coming onto the landing of my untapped waterfalls  
Feeling the heated degrees of anticipation  
Panties somehow riding down my legs  
Surrendering to the celestial dimensions conceived of wished fantasy  
The trial of a wet path, creeping from the root of my toes, up my inner thigh  
In the realm of mightiness discerned, appearance forged of devoid, obscured  
Inhaling the begotten fragrance of my moistened womanhood  
Eyes fluttering in rhapsody  
Progressively serenading of my curvaceous being  
No reverence shall be spared in its lapping discovery  
A virgin in my passiveness, I am overtaken  
My soul parted in celebration of its famine wanderlust  
The soft skin of my temple, passionately worshipped  
Segregating my pinkish ingress  
Feasted upon in grandeur  
Biting down on my lips for the finale of an awaiting plunge  
Oh... God…. the open lips of my femininity kissing the width of progression  
The depth my silken passage drawing the length deeper in the hunger of my abyss  
Swirling inside, fury proclaimed of my catatonic existence  
Arching my back in the complexity of animalistic greed  
Rendered senseless in the state of reality  
Mm... shallowness in my hushness to articulate  
A surging charge of energy shadowing my breasts  
Wisps of ecstasy coveting the peaks of my nipples  
Into the fog my sensibilities receptive, reprieved  
Legs entwined to hold the clone of my inhibitions closer  
Deeper residing in the chasm of my intense longing  
The life force of each stroke, unmercifully offered  
Felt of its plunders I accepted  
Panting to the air behind its intensity embellished in the dome of my pulsating dampened cove  
My body parlayed, played, my cravings with each tighten grip displayed  
Gripping me, becoming one with the crest of passion, quickening in the retreating and suctioning chase of the toppled ride  
Head indented to the prey of its pleasure principle, stoke upon stroke, evoked  
A tsunami of secretions drizzling, pampering each inch, by sinking inch  
Oh... sweet mercy my mind squealed, gyrating, seasoning me to the pinnacle of completion  
My body countering to the calling  
Trickles infusing, merging with condensed droplets of virility  
Mm... my matter blending within the haunting of the fog  
The ransom, my body rendered in its satisfaction  
Raptured settled in the deed of the desired obligations

 Erotica and Romance Novelist