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Does she make you cream
Is her voice the reflection of my screams
The silhouette devoid of my passion
Inside her when you’re thrashing
Her hands soft on you as she gives you pleasure
Your mouth tasting her sweet treasure

Does she make you cream
My name you moan out
When your dick is deep inside my wet south
Is her perky bosom nice
Her legs wrapped around your back
Does she make you cum inside her, twice
Her skin, you’re preferred taste
Headboard gripped
Gyrating your girth inside me  
Oh, my love, we’re lover’s fate

Do you make her cream
Your kisses to her lips
Palms to her curvaceous hips
Her hands clutching the silk sheet, as your erection slips and dips
Does she… make… you cream
Does she taste me on you
Your mouth siphoning my sweet access, your honeyed food
My temple you crave
Inside my ocean abyss we flow as our bodies gently make waves
My Chi giving unto your needs
Begging you over and over... mmm as you please
Our bodies pasted, grooving, moving, the lust of our tease
Our wicked sins, as we begin
Breath to breath
Heighten the pleasure, my sugar walls oiling your shaft, keeping me moist and wet
Oh, touch me my love, kiss me, divine me as we’ve never met
Do you make her cream
Does she yearn for your fire, your desires
Missing your body, the midnight hour
Needing, feening you, for your hard tower of power
Do you need me my love, do you need her
Her echoes mm…and my soft purrs
We both bring you to your knees
Spreading our legs, as your tongue inside us wickedly tease
Does she make you cream
Making her cum
Over and over, mmm... while you’re slicing, thinking about my butter rum
Mm… me, her, and you
Passion has blindfolds on
Someone has to play the fool
Not me my love, no not I
Take my hand, and my soar, my body to the majestic skies
With her, only lies, her tears falling... mmm… your such sweet wicked alibies
With me…. mmm my love, I love you, but silent goodbye
Does…She…Make…You Cream …My Love


 Erotica and Romance Novelist