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A handsome and virile African American sire, his throne, and a medieval castle.

A dowry, a beautiful seductress, and  unrest among fighting clans 










Throne Room


“You’re Majesty.”

His High Stewart bowed and stepped back.


“King Javiah, your brother from Wales, has sent a telegram for you.”

The High Stewart handed him the sealed envelope. He bowed, and walked out the Throne Room.

King Javiah flipped the telegram over. The official seal of his brother’s monarchy pressed into the red seal, warrant him the envelope, was authentic. He took a deep breath and opened the telegram. He slid out the folded piece of paper.

Brother, I have gotten word from France, his Royal Majesty and entourage will be traveling aboard. The King is proposing a peace treaty among your monarch. Brother, I think it could be trickery to plant a spy in the court. Be weary and vigilant.

“Too late.” He looked over at the empty chair, which once occupied his wife’s presence. No peace treaty can bring back his wife who lost her life, at the hands of his rivaling clansmen. There will be hell to pay for the person responsible for such he thought.

King Javiah balled the paper up, and threw it down on the mauve color carpet.

“Your Majesty, would you need me to saddle your horse.”


The Master of the Horse rushed out the Throne Room.

He will not rest the nightly attacks of his knights, until he revenges the salvage death of his beloved.

I think it could be trickery, to plant a spy in the court. Be weary and vigilant.’

Could his wife’s unexpected death be the reason why his bed remains empty? Moreover, his refusal to consort with a concubine. At this time, he trusted no one, or no one opinion matters, other than his departed wife.

King Javiah picked up the goblet. He hand it over to his Cupbearer to taste the sweeten elixir of wild berries.

The Cupbearer smelled the darken contents within, before taking a swallow.

The smooth drink slid down his throat.

“It is accepted your Majesty.” He handed the goblet to the king.

King Javiah took a sip of his drink, and handed the goblet back to his Cupbearer.

His Master of the Horse walked into the Throne Room. He bowed his head.

“Your Majesty, your horse is saddled.”

He bowed, turned, and walked out.



Highland Court


King Raphael sat around a round table with his Knights.

“Has King Javiah, been given the opportunity to adhere to my warning?”

“According to Your Excellency’s Constable. King Javiah is not willing to unify his monarch into parliament.”

“I convinced him, the unification would make a strong alliance, and I’ve went so far as to pledge my word, he will still rule his monarch separately, and my word given to him that my knights were not responsible for the queen’s death.”

“I do not think the king is thinking reasonable.”

“If he does not listen after my second message, then we declare war, and seize control of his monarch.”

“Your Majesty, we have employed Great Britain as an ally if called upon.”

“I have several men of arms that I know can, and will defeat King Javiah’s army.”

“Your Majesty, King Javiah has a better equipped strong hold on his artillery, and a fortress around his castle, in recent years of war, difficult to infiltrate.”

King Raphael smiled.

“All things can be broken, or penetrated.”

“Your Majesty, it has been brought to our attention that you may utilize a secret weapon.”

“Yes, in the form of sweet lips, and long legs no man can refuse.”

Each man nodded his head.


Chapter One



The Present


Whalen African American Historical Museum


“Okay class, I need everyone to stay in a single line, and do not touch any of the displays. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Miss. Rainey.”

“I wish my class could be more compliance,” her co-worker stated.

“I loved coming here; my father use to make this a weekend event for my mother and me.”

“How romantic your father was.”

“Don’t be envious, because my father, put it down on my mother, and spoiled his only daughter.”

“All right, Miss High and Mighty.”

Both women laughed.

“Please do not tell me that's why you became a history teacher.”

“Yes, and, to enrich, my students with the past, therefore, it will not be repeated, in the future.”

“You have been reading too many romance novels again.”


“I’ll meet you and you class in the Rotunda area, for lunch.”

“I will be there.”

Both women turned and went their separates ways.


“Miss. Rainey, what is his name?” one of her students pointed to a mannequin. Sephora turned around. A replica mannequin of a king sitting upon his throne stared back at her.

Wow, she never knew the history books contained a handsome and robust African American king. Yummy as her, and her friend will say. His dark brown eyes twinkled with mischief, and superiority

I bet unlimited concubines served his every need and several mistresses visited his bed each night.

“What’s his name Miss. Rainey?”

“I’m sorry, yes that was asked.” She leaned over and read his plague. “His name was King Javiah He was the ruler of Scotland and England, although, with two separate parliaments.”

“Where is he at Miss. Rainey?”

Explaining to six graders a history lesson, outside the classroom, was tedious at times.

“He lived in Scotland in the seventeenth century and his knights battled France to enforce a peace treaty, and unify an allegiance.”

“What’s a peace treaty?”

“Can someone tell me what a peace treaty is?”

It’s when two people fight and make up, and... and they quit fighting.”

“Thank you Sidney, however, class. A peace treaty is an agreement between two countries or government to end an exiting war.”

“I already stared at that piece of eye candy myself.”

Sephora turned around and faced her friend.

“This is the first time, I’ve seen this display.”

“I thought you were an avid visitor.”

“I am. Maxine, I was here a week ago and this display was not here.”

“I was here three days ago, and they were setting it up. I have to say the results are amazing. What a nice looking replica of a king. I could imagine how he would have looked in person.”

“Too darn handsome for his own good.”

Maxine scanned over the plague. “He says he went down in battle, due to betrayal by someone within his own court.”

“A woman,” both said.

“What a pity, I would have loved to have sat on that lap.”

“Yes, you and an entire kingdom of women, most likely did.”

“I wonder how he’s under the covers.”

Both women looked back at the mannequin.

“With a body like that, fireworks, hot and smoking.”

Maxine looked down at the plague again and read it.

“Wait, it says he was once married, but his queen fell to her death, and it states, he never took another wife.”

“King Javiah. I would have loved to been one of your concubines.”

“I don’t know he looks too stiff.”

“I’ll even take his stiffy,” replied Maxine.”

“You can be disgusting at times.”

“Why, because I have a great sex life.”


Sephora’s students were beginning to raise his or her voice.

Whispers continued to ring out.

“Class, we will not continue this tour until everyone is quiet.”

Her students' whispering ceased.

“Let me finish with this tour, I’ll see you soon.”


Maxine moved her class forward.

Sephora looked back at the mannequin.

“God, the man was too handsome to be a king, and in charge of his loyal subjects,” she whispered to herself. “Okay class, are you ready for the hands on display.”


“Miss. Rainey, can you tie my shoe.” One of her students held his shoe out for her to tie it.

“Sure.” Sephora stooped on one knee; she placed her briefcase and tied her student’s shoestring.

One of her students chased another student to the next display.

Sephora stood. “Hey, you know the rules, no running.” Several of her other students ran to the next display. “Everyone freeze.” She walked to the next roped display.

“If anyone as to dare move without being told, you will be sharing the bus with Mr. Pines.”

Her entire class stopped within their tracks.

Sephora looked over her students’ head

“All right then. Now we will behave ourselves, or everyone will be marching to the bus.”

“Yes, Miss. Rainey.”






“Okay class, I need everyone to put on their thinking caps. We are going to play a remembering game, and whoever gives me the correct answer, will win a prize.”

Her class sat up straight. Some students placed whatever they were eating or drinking down on the surface of a long circular table.

“First question. Is everyone ready?”


“Are your thinking caps on.” 

"Yes Miss. Rainey."

Sephora picked up several extra brown bag lunches she prepared for the students who could not furnish one; she handed several of her students one. She turned around to get her briefcase.

“Has anyone seen my briefcase?”

“You put it down Miss. Rainey, when you tied my shoe.”

She took a deep breath, damn that display was on the third floor. I hope that someone returned it to the lost and found.

“Maxine, could you keep an eye on my students. I need to check security to see if someone turned in my briefcase to the lost-and-found.”


“Class, I would be right back, you are to listen to Miss. Goode.”

Sephora walked in the direction of the elevators.



The elevator doors slid open. Sephora stepped off. “I hope it's still there.” She retraced her steps and looked around. She looked around the semi-lit display hall. Without the questioning from a swarm of six graders, the display hall was very quiet.



Sephora looked around. She walked from one display to another. She stopped in front of King Javiah’s display. She looked down on the carpet. Just as she thought, it was not there. Sephora turned around and pivoted her head side-to-side. She heard something fidgeting in the grass planted around the display. She turned around; she stepped closer to the display and looked over the rope. She did not see anything. She looked at the display, and peered closer. “What, and how?” Sephora peered closer. Her briefcase was wedged under one of the legs of the king’s chair. “How in the world did my briefcase get under there? Shit.”

Sephora looked around the display hall. She did not see a person in sight. Maybe she should go and get some assistance. She looked at the display, her eyes drowned in the depth of dark-brown eyes penetrating her existence. Goosebumps surfaced on her skin, she shivered and rubbed her arms down.

She looked around the display hall again, hoping someone would have appeared to assist her. She stepped out of her pumps, and raised her skirt above her thighs. She lifted one leg over the velvet rope, the other followed. She wadded through a makeshift stream and walked up the moss grass surrounding the replica of a Throne Room.

Sephora looked at the display as she walked closer to the kings’ throne. She mounted three steps. Wow, the view from behind the rope did not capture the magnificent work of the customized rigid figure. She reached out and touched the side of an angular jaw bone, surprisingly it was smooth, yet course. She outlined the arch of thick dark eyebrows. The king’s goatee looked genuine. She touched the royal crown on top of his head. “I bet you were a heart breaker, in your time King Javiah,” she whispered.

Sephora touched his lips, and inched back. She looked around and immediately wet her finger; she placed it up to his lips. She leaned down and ran her finger over his top lip. “Too bad, you do not live in my day and time; I would surely kept you in my bed from sunrise, until sunset, My’Lord.” Sephora nicked her finger on a fine strand of hair sticking up it instantly bled. “Shit.” She suckled it. She wiped the tinge of blood left on the lips of the mannequin off; she made the smear wider. “Darn it.” She looked around for something to wipe the smear off. “Now what.” Sephora looked at the reddish stain, which was beginning to dry. “Darn it, darn it.” Sephora, without any thought, leaned down and licked the smear from off the side of the mannequin’s mouth, she then kissed the lips. She inched back. “That was a good luck kiss to hold for your next lifetime My lord, and why am I talking and kissing a damn mannequin.” She looked at the mounted cameras. “You have got to be kidding me.”

The elevators doors slid open. Two Security Guards rushed over to the display.

“Ma’am, step away from the mannequin.”

“I only came up here to look for my briefcase, and I have located it. I know this may look awkward, by my briefcase is wedged under this chair.”

The two Security Officers looked at one another.

“Ma’am, someone just turned in your briefcase into lost and found.”

“No, my briefcase is right here.” Sephora looked down. She did not see her briefcase. “I tell you, it was just here.”

“Ma’am, would you please step away from the display.”

“Certainly.” Sephora stepped forward, her foot slipped from under her, she fell backwards, landing on the king’s lap.

She tried to get up, and slipped again, she landed on the lap of the display.

“Gentlemen I need some assistance; the platform surrounding this display is very slippery.”

“Do not move ma’am.”

“As you see, I can’t.”

One of the Security Guards walked over to the rope. Sephora relaxed and inched back. Her derrière encountered something vertical. She inched back a little more. She pivoted and looked down. Maxine, will never believe this she thought. Sephora, turned back around, she placed her hand behind her back, and grouped the asymmetrical of the mannequin’s groin, for laughs she rubbed her palm up and down the lengthen structure and squeezed the harden bulge, strangely, it pulsated in her hand. Sephora immediately stood, and took a step forward. She lost her footing and fell backwards. Her head hit the knee of the mannequin, before she slumped down everything went black.




Cromwell Castle



King Javiah sat in the company of the Cardinal.

“Your Majesty, your faith has kept you from taking another bride. Look around you, your court is filled of fair maidens.”

“I am still grieving, your Holiness.”

“Certainly, however, you are a king, and this monarch needs the domestic delegation of a queen.”

“I will take your advice under consideration.”

Cardinal Webster bowed, turned around, and walked out the Throne Room.



Sephora slowly opened her eyes. She heard the chirping of birds in the distance. The smell of firewood was laden in the air. The blue sky smiled down at her. She slowly sat up and looked around. A stretch of green forestry surrounded her presence. “Where am I?” She looked down. She still had on her double-breasted white linen skirt suit, minus her shoes. She rolled over on her knees and got up. She took a step forward. “Ouch.” A pebble indented in the sole of her foot. She lifted her foot and rubbed the small rock away. Sephora settled her foot and looked up. She shielded her eyes against the glaring sun. The last she remembered was... the museum. How in the world did she end up here? She looked down at her watch. The two hands, rested on the twelve. Sephora looked around. Her briefcase lay near a tree several feet from her. “Yes, my cell phone.” She ran over near the bark of the tree, and knelt on her knees. She flipped the locks up on her briefcase, and took out her cell phone. She looked down at the screen time and date.

“Seventeen hundred and One. Okay, Maxine, you win, I fell for this joke, hook, line, and sinker.”

Sephora looked around. “Okay, guys, the teacher have been fooled, you can all come out.” Sephora looked around and waited. “Maxine. Come on guys this is not funny anymore.” Sephora looked in both directions. She glanced back down at her cell phone screen. She flipped it open and dialed 911; she  placed her cell phone up to her ear. “Hello.”

The shrieking sound emitted from her cell phone, made her flip it close. Sephora looked around, and then looked up at the blue sky. She sniffed the air once again; maybe someone can assist her in getting back to St. Dakota Elementary School.

Sephora returned to where her briefcase laid. She stooped down,  closed the briefcase, and then snapped the locks. She lifted it and traveled in the direction where she saw smoke billowing in the air.

The ground shook beneath her feet. She moved the branches aside. She saw a Calvary of knights, riding on horses, charging in the opposite direction.

Sephora ran out the bushes.

“Help…help me.” She was too far to be heard. The army of men continued in the crusade of their direction.

What the hell is really going on here? She was hot, hungry, and she did not know where she was. Sephora’s feet hit the main dirt road, she followed the path were the horses have galloped. She saw a small stream. She eagerly ran to it and dropped her briefcase beside her; she dipped her stocking feet into the depth.

“Oh this feels good.” She unbuttoned her suit jacket, cupped the water between her two hands, and splashed it onto her chest. She looked around and removed her suit jacket and bra. She bathed her upper torso. She dipped her hands back into the water and drew it up to her mouth. The refreshing water droplets felt cool sliding down her throat.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Sephora turned around. Twelve knights mounted on horses obscured her detainment. She shielded her eyes against the harsh blaring of the sun to make out the concealed images. She immediately stood. She reached down for her suit jacket and covered herself.

One of the knights’ eyes never left hers. He dismounted and placed his palm over the hilt of his Excalibur sword. He slowly approached Sephora. He drew his sword. Oh shit, I’m dead. Sephora held her hands up over her head. Her suit jacket fall to the grass. The men eyes enlarged at her partial nudity.

“I mean you no harm, or bring no ill fate.”

Sir Pious gestured for another knight to come closer. Another knight dismounted and walked over to where Sir Pious stood.

Both knights pointed down to the briefcase. This drew the curiosity of the other knights.

Sir Pious squatted on both knees and tried to open the briefcase. Sephora leaned down. Sir Pious placed the tip of his sword under Sephora’s chin, both slowly stood. Sephora swallowed.

Sir Pious lowered his sword to his side; he returned it to its sheath.

“I can open it.”

The knight leaned over and whispered something in the other’s knight ear.


The knight pushed Sephora in the direction of his horse. He removed a rope from around his saddle, and tied her hands together.

“I hardly think this is necessary.”

The other knight placed his sword back inside the sheath.

“If I’m dreaming please wake me up, please.”

The other knights mounted their horses. The superior knight picked Sephora up, and placed her on his horse. He mounted behind her, pulled his rein, and clucked his horse.

The other knights galloped closely behind.



Cromwell Castle



“King Javiah, I am willing to offer a peace treaty, in exchange for signing an amendment for a cease fire, effective today.”

“I would discontinue this war, when the man responsible for my wife’s death, take a walk on the scaffold, place his head on the chopping block, and publicly beheaded.”

“Your Majesty, with all due respect, and that aspect taken, none of my men, had a hand in Queen Nubian’s death.”

“I say no to a peace treaty. Butler, can you show these men to the door, and make sure they are well passed the loch.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

King Raphael stood. He walked to the door. His royal knights, fell in line behind him.


Sephora’s body swayed, she could not keep her eyes open. Sir Pious pulled Sephora closer to his body. Very soft he thought.

Sephora pivoted; she laid her head against his chest breastplate and closed her eyes. Sir Pious looked down. He pulled her closer. Her body was soft; her breasts reminded him of the sweet nectar of a lovely flower waiting for the right plucking. She smelled like no woman of the court. Her body aroma was pleasant, flowery he thought.

Sir Pious eased one of his hands off his rein. He felt over one of Sephora’s thighs. He glanced down; he could not caress her skin as he planned. The sheer covering guarding her skin felt unnatural. He wondered did she practice witchery, certainly a crime punishable by death.

Sir Pious’ stallion made the steep ascending journey up the castle’s crag. Sephora snuggled closer to Sir Pious’ body. She was dreaming of strong arms holding her, the whisper of a breath fanning her face, a heart beating against her ear.

Sir Pious’ horse's huffs trampled over rocks. Sephora body was jostled, her eyes darted open. This was no dream she was lost in time. Do things of this nature really happen? Sephora looked down. Fog swirled in the darken depth.

She looked back at the man who held her to his body.

“How much longer, I have to use the ladies room.”

The knight holding her securely did not reply.

Sephora looked back up at the castle, which was now in full view.

“It’s magnificent.”

No more magnificent then your soft skin Sir Pious thought.

Sephora turned to face the man again.

“Is that where you’re taking me.”

Sir Pious looked down at Sephora’s lips and held her even closer against his chest.

She looked up. In the far distance, she could see a castle sitting atop a crag. The majestic tower of the castle appeared as thou it reached the sky.


King Javiah returned to his bedchambers. He sat at his antique desk, and picked up a felt tip pen. He dipped it inside the black ink, and composed a reply letter to his brother. He placed the pen down, and folded the letter; he slid it inside the envelope. He lifted the red sealing wax and dripped it onto the back of the envelope. He blew out the wick, he lifted his official seal, and pressed it into the redden wax. He sat the seal aside. King Javiah sat back in his chair.


Sir Pious and his commanding knights entered the court of Cromwell castle. The drawbridge was lowered. He led his men over the squeaking platform.

Sephora looked around. A hush fell upon the court. Women stopped in the midst of their daily duties. Children ran over to their parent, and shielded themselves. Woman grabbed their children out of harms way as the horses made it to the front of the castle.

Sephora looked up. She could not see the top of the towering castle. Sir Pious dismounted his horse. He lifted Sephora off his horse with the faint of ease. Her legs buckled under her. Sir Pious caught her in his arms before she dropped. She looked up into his eyes.

“Come.” He turned to the king's butler. “Please tell the king he is needed in the Throne Room.”

“Yes Sir Pious.”

The king’s butler bowed and rushed to the door. The other knights followed behind.

Sir Pious entered the castle. Everyone moved to one side. The whispers followed Sephora’s ear until she rounded the corner.

One of the knights rushed to the door, and opened it.


Sephora’s eyes glanced around enormous room. She looked up at the cathedral dome. The room was bathed in gold with crush velvet blue undertones. To one side there were several chairs facing the kings’ throne, and to the opposite side, equally chairs shared the space. A carpet embroiled in gold, flowed down the aisle up the three steps to the kings’ throne. She looked up. The king's chair sat under an embedded official monarch emblem. The room was beautifully decorated, and fit for a king and his knights of the round table.

Someone pounded on the king’s bedchamber door.

“Your Majesty, your presence is requested in the Throne Room.”

All eleven knights lined lateral awaiting the king’s presence. The knight whose horse she shared stood in front of the other knights.

Sephora heard commotion in the great hall. She turned around to investigate. The first man entered was a Cardinal, followed by a very tall African American man. The first thing she noticed was a blue-jeweled crown atop his head. His long royal robe was a deep blue, with faux fur trimmed around the neck. His leggings were blue, which emphasized two sturdy thighs. The width of his muscled chest wall underlined great-unforeseen strength. “King Javiah,” she mumbled under her breath, she touched her lips, it cannot be she thought, then that would mean, as her cell phone stated, she was back in the seventeenth century.

Sephora held her head down as the king passed her.

His knights bowed. King Javiah walked up the three steps and took his place on his throne.

His senior knight walked up to the throne, and bowed.

“Your Majesty, do I have permission to speak among you?”

King Javiah bowed his head.

Sir Pious removed his headgear. He glanced over at Sephora.

Wow, he was gorgeous, maybe not as the King, but handsome just the same.

“This maiden was wandering aimlessly among the land. In her possession, were confiscated strange ornaments?” Sir Pious looked over at Sephora. “Your majesty, strange ornaments not of this time.” Sir Pious stepped back.

King Javiah’s eyes fell on Sephora.

“You may step forward.”

Sephora stepped forward and curtsied.

“I think it could be trickery, to plant a spy in the court. Be weary and vigilant.”

King Javiah looked at the woman who was brought in his court for espionage. She was very beautiful, her skin was reminiscent of the color of butter-rum, her lips, full, tempting to taste, her light brown eyes drew her to him. They were strangely familiar. King Javiah stood and dismounted the three steps. Sephora bowed her head. King Javiah walked up to Sephora.

“What is this fair maiden’s name?”

Sephora lifted her head.

“My name is Sephora, your Majesty.”

King Javiah walked around Sephora. He fingered her skin, lifted her disarray hair from off her shoulders, he leaned down and took a whiff of one of her hair strand. The smell was pleasant to his nostrils.

“And how did you find your way into my court?” King Javiah stood back and gave Sephora’s appearance an overall glance.

“I was at the museum. I meant to say, I am from South Dakota.”

The Cardinal and the rest of his subjects began to whisper among themselves.

“You speak of a land before time.”

“No, your Majesty, I speak of a land not discovered in this time.”

“A witch,” the Cardinal spoke out.

Everyone within the throne room stepped back.

King Javiah raised his hand.

Silence prevailed. He looked back at Sephora.

“The practice of witchery is death.”

“I can assure you that I am not a witch. I was at a museum.”

“You speak of spells, and…”

“Devices, and spell potions,” Sir Pious added.

The man, whose horse she shared, held up her cell phone, and a bottle of Victoria Secret Love Spell Body Lotion. King Javiah relieved the cell phone from out of Sir Pious’ hand and attempted to open it. He flipped it open and slowly inspected it. He looked down at the screen and pressed several buttons; he placed it up to his ear. He held the cell phone back, inspecting it in depth.

“Take this woman away; she is to be put before council for espionage, and practicing witchery.”

Two knights stepped forward and seized Sephora by her arms.

“Wait, your Majesty.”

Sephora was talking to the King Javiah’s back. King Javiah turned to face his congregation, and then sat on his throne.

The two knights ushered Sephora away. She pivoted her head.

“King Javiah, you are going to die.” She twisted her head and addressed everyone in attendance. “You all are going to die, please listen, I can help.”

Loud denials overruled her voice.

“Witch,” several hollered at her.

Someone threw a stone at her back.

“Ouch, please…please listen to me, this…”

Sephora was led out of the Throne Room.



“Your Majesty, do you think the maiden speaks of the truth.”

“I have received word from my brother that King Raphael, is arranging to have a spy planted within my monarch.”

“Your Majesty, may I be given permission to speak freely.”

King Javiah slightly nodded his head.

“This maiden is different, something about her puzzles me.”

“You are my highest knight. I take that as a form of weakness. Should I entrust my monarch, and the security of my throne to another?”

“Your Majesty, you appointed me a knight to hold the best interest of your kingdom, which I have. Therefore, I take it that you could explain this.”

Sir Pious dug into the front of his leggings. He pulled out the brochure to Whalen African American Historical Museum.

He handed him the brochure.

King Javiah opened the three-page leaflet and read it. He walked around his throne room. He looked up every now and then and glanced over at his knight. He closed it.

“This is the plot of King Raphael, riddles to seize control of my monarch.” King Javiah glanced down at the brochure one again, he flipped it over. “Wait, this document is dated in the future.”

“I was wondering your Majesty, when you would see the point. I say the woman, is hiding something.”

“Other then being a witch. Please bring her to my Chambers.”

“Yes your Majesty.” Sir Pious bowed, turned, and walked out the Throne Room.


Sephora rubbed her arms down. The dreary room she was detained in, was crappy, and cool. She walked to the window and looked out. “So much for this king lying in my bed.”

The castle was nestled on acres of greenery. A moat surrounded the entire boarder. She saw several knights galloping toward the drawbridge. She wondered what the knight’s name was who brought her to the place.

Sephora heard raised voices in the corridor; she turned toward the door, and ran over to it. Someone was inserting a key into the lock. Sephora hid behind the door; she did not want to be burned at a stake at the permission of the Archdiocese for the accusation of practicing witchery.

Sir Pious turned the door, and pushed the heavy steel door open. He adjusted his vision to the dimly lit room.

Sir Pious looked around. His hand dropped to the hilt of his sword, the fragrance he associated with the foreigner welcomed his nostrils.

Sephora tiptoed around the door. Her waist was immediately pulled against the muscular frame of a hard body.

“If you try that again, you will not live to tell another.”

“I do not want to die, I can assure you I’m not a witch, please let me go.”

Sir Pious, against his better judgment squeezed her tighter. The softness of her body aroused him.

“If you do not unhand me, I…I will cast a spell on you, and this entire kingdom.”

“Some spells are worth it,” he whispered in her ear.

“Please unhand me.”

“Is this what you really want?”

Oh, his breath against her skin gave her Goosebumps.


Sir Pious’ hands briefly toured Sephora’s skin. “Does the witch powers prove worthy against man.” His hands explored her breasts. He smelled her neck, and squeezed her frame.

“For such an accusation, considered you are now under my spell.”

Sephora inched back. Her back rested against his breastplate.

“Your Majesty has summoned you.”

I’m fine right here

Sir Pious dropped his hands and retreated a step. Sephora turned around to face him.

Sephora appreciated the manliness erected in front of her. He was very tall. His sinewy stature was powerful to an observant eye. His steel breastplate shielded her eyes from fully exploring farther.

“What is your name?”

“Sir Pious, your Majesty, most trusted and humble servant.” He bowed, and lifted his head. “Does the maiden have a surname?”

“My name is Sephora.”


He had an inviting smile to match a widen mouth, and a set of straight teeth.


“Come Sephora, your Majesty awaits.”

“Can I...”

He gripped her upper arm.

I guess the introduction period is over she thought

Sir Pious ushered Sephora out the room into the cool corridor of the tower. He loosened his grip, once they walked down the corridor. She was escorted down several winding stairwells.

Sir Pious grabbed a hold of Sephora’s hand, before she stepped into puddle of water.

Two knights stood outside the door of the King’s Chamber.

Sir Pious released Sephora’s hand.

“King Javiah is expected of me.”

One of the knights hit his balled fist against his breastplate. He turned and opened the door.

King Javiah and his Holiness, the Cardinal was in a conversation.

Both men stood.

Cardinal Webster turned his head from the sight of Sephora’s partial nudity.

“Your Majesty, the.” Sir Pious looked at Sephora. She smiled. “The witch, as you've requested.” He bowed his head; he looked over at the confusion in Sephora’s eyes.

Sir Pious turned and slowly walked to the door. He exited the King’s Chamber and pulled the door close.


King Javiah walked over to where Sephora stood. Without his crown, and minus his royal attire, the man was too damn handsome. She liked the way his goatee circled his mouth. His walnut-brown skin tone complexion was well nourished. Sephora’s eyes melted in the pit of his dark-brown eyes.

“What purpose has brought you to my kingdom?”

“I came about your kingdom by accident. I am not a spy, nor am I a witch. I am a schoolteacher. I know this may sound far-fetched, but I was at a museum, and your mannequin was on display. I landed on your lap, I hit my head, and when I awaken, I was in 1701.”

King Javiah lifted a strand of Sephora’s hair and placed it behind her shoulder.

“How did you come to know about me, and what is this rubbish about my demise.”

“It will happen.’

“And by whose hands. It is the French army.”

“Betrayal by the hands of a woman.”

King Javiah stepped back. He walked over to where the Cardinal stood.

“Maybe we can use her to return the favor to King Raphael.”

“I do not understand your Majesty.”

“I will allow King Raphael to believe, his spy has infiltrated my kingdom. I will feed her false information. Once that misleading information has been returned. King Raphael, will not know who is responsible for overthrowing his government.”

“Is that what your head has led you to believe?”

“Yes, I see no other way. This is an excellent opportunity.”

“In no certain terms can you be convinced a peace treaty and an alliance in parliament would benefit.”

“I will not raise the taxes of my people, or incite a revolt against my kingdom for such an occurrence.”

Cardinal Webster looked over at Sephora, and then back at King Javiah. He bowed his head at the progression of the king’s plan.






Sir Pious removed his attire. He assembled everything on top of the duvet. He sat on his bed and removed his footwear. Sr. Pious stood and walked over to the mirror. He traced over the raised battle scars on his chest. He knew his battle scars would condemn him to a life of solitude, never to feel the soft hands of a woman, never to embellish in the nectar of breasts so soft to the touch, and never to taste the offering of sweet lips.

For such an accusation, considered you are now under my spell.”

Someone knocked on the door.

Sir Pious turned from his reflection in the mirror.

“Please enter.”

The door was opened. A butler carrying a silver serving tray entered. “Sir your dinner is prepared.”

“Thank you.” His butler walked to the window and sat the severing tray on a wooden table.

“Would that be all Sir Pious?”


“Can I be frank sir?”


“Word has it you were involved in the apprehension of a sorcerer.”

“The woman is not a sorcerer.”

“And you are quite sure of this sir.”


“Very well sir.”

His butler bowed, turned, and walked out the room.

Sir Pious looked around his bed chambers. He closed his eyes to the memory of his captive’s soft body.

His duty to the King Javiah permitted him from fraternizing with women of the Royal Court, does that hold merit for the woman whose presence he encountered.

“I do not want to die, I can assure you I’m not a witch, please let me go.”

Sir Pious walked to the bathroom.






King Javiah waited in his bedchambers for the Queens’ Ladies-in-waiting to redress the woman. He looked up at frame, which held the photograph of his beloved.

There was a knock at the door.


His High Stewart opened the door and walked in. He bowed. “Your Majesty, the message has been delivered to King Raphael.”

“Thank you.”

His High Stewart bowed, turned, and exited the room.

He could not wait to see the look on the face of his mortal enemy, when you see that he has snared him in his own plan.



Sephora’s skin was Loofah in Myrrh, sweet cicely, roses, and goat’s milk. She stood in front of a uprooted antigue oval mirror.

“The color of heather will bring out your eyes,” one of the seamstress stated.

“You look quite fetching my’ lady,” another stated.

Sephora pivoted from side-to-side. The gown was snug against her flat abdomen. The sagging neckline and bustling sleeves emphasized her slender neck. The corset nearly squeezed her diaphragm. She stood back. She had to give credit. She hardly recognized herself. Her dark brown loose curls were coiffed, loose tendrils hung at her temple, and down her back.

“I think this would be perfect.”

A ten-caret teardrop necklace sapphire was clasped around her neck.

The Queens’ Ladies and Waiting stood back.

“You are truly beautiful my’ lady.”

“I must thank you all for the personal service.”

“It is our job; we were the traveling entourage for the queen that was until her unfortunate...”

“Blasphemes child, shut ya mouth.”

The youngest of the Queens’ Ladies-in-Waiting discounted talking. She held her head down in shame.

“You will remain here until you are escorted to the dinning hall,” The Woman of the Bedchamber declared.

“Thank you everyone once again.”

“If there is anything that is needed my’ lady, please call.”

Everyone bowed and scooted backwards toward the door.


Sephora walked to the window. She had to get out of here. The material of the dress felt heavy, and the corset cut off her circulation. She wanted to laugh at the Queens’ Ladies in Waiting after she refused to wear the leggings. Surprisingly, the court was very quiet. “It seems so surreal and very different than what is portrayed on television I see.” She cranked her neck after hearing the stampede of approaching horses. Sephora wondered where was Sir Pious.


Sir Pious dismounted his horse. Sephora nearly mashed her face against the window to get a better view of the man walking toward the entrance of the castle.

Sir Pious entered Cromwell and walked the quiet hall. He entered the Great Hall. He was secretly hoping the king sent Sephora to the dungeon. He craved her presence, and he knew that could be his downfall for treason against the king.

“Sir Pious.”

Sir Pious stopped and turned around.

“I have been given special instructions to ask you to join the king and the others in the King's Room.”

Sir Pious followed Sir Lance into the King's Room.

King Javiah looked up from a map he was reading.

“Thank goodness for you to have joined us.”

“Did I miss anything relevant to that map you’re studying?”

“Nothing that you and your knights could not handle.”

Sir Pious took his place at the Round table.

“How could my men and I be of service your Majesty?”

“I have sent word to King Raphael that he and I would sit down and discuss a possible alliance.”

The twelve-seated knights’ mouth dropped.

“Your majesty, may I have permission to speak.”


“Is it safe to say, leading my cavalry on these nightly attacks and safeguarding the castle, are in vain.”

“No, however, the plan is to show the enemy what you have in one hand, and strike him at his knees with the other.”

Everyone looked at one another.

“I will use this woman.”

“In what way,” Sir Pious spoke out.

“I would flaunt King Raphael’s own weapon in front of his eyes. My brother has forewarned me the woman is a spy.”

“Your Majesty let some of my men ask around to make sure this is to be true.”

“I have been given word by a reliable source that this information is to be taken under consideration. I will be traveling to France at dawn, but tonight we feast, and then we plan to strike.”

“I do not want to die, I can assure you I’m not a witch, please let me go.”

“I will see everyone this evening. Sir Pious I need you to remain.”

Sir Pious nodded his head

Twelve knights stood and marched to the door.

“All right my good friend. I have seen that face several times, speak freely.”

“I am not convinced Sephora is a witch.”

“And your opinion is based upon what misgivings.”

“I have no concrete answer at this moment.”

“I’m sure there will be logic in your sense of reasoning, after your belly is full.”

“Indeed your Majesty.”

“Is the prisoner secured in the dungeon?”

“No, she is at the mercy of the… of my departed wife’s Ladies In waiting.”

“Your Majesty, once we avenge the queen's death, will you take another?”

“I have not given it much thought.”

“And the prisoner your Majesty.”

“Will be my first choice, her eyes are the window to a questionable soul.” King Javiah palmed his goatee. “And she is very comely. Sir Pious, I, as you sense something about her. I say King Raphael pulled his most defensive weapon out to secure my monarch, a woman, a very beautiful woman, who has sorcery powers.”

“Who will most likely be beaten at her own game?”

“Yes by my game, and by me?”

Both men laughed.




Highland Court



“King Raphael, I say the invitation to visit this court is a set-up.”

King Raphael palmed his cheek.

“Yes, it could be. However, for King Javiah to venture out of his court to travel abroad, may be what is needed to execute my plan. Once he has stepped foot in Highland Court, then we place a spy in his. I say gentlemen; this execution of plan is working in a timely matter. Is there any indication that King Javiah will be traveling alone?”

“I have been given word your Majesty that King Javiah, will be traveling with his entourage.”

“Please have the finest linen and sheets prepared in case of overnight guests, and make sure, Hannah is aware of the man she sees tonight, is the man who would be eating her soul out the palm of her hands.”

His Butler bowed, turned, and walked out the room.




Edinburgh, Scotland



Sephora looked at her reflection in the mirror. “Much better.” She pivoted side-to-side. She looked down at the corset she removed, opened a drawer, and stuffed it inside. She pushed the drawer close.

Someone knocked on the door.

Sephora stepped back and turned toward the door.

“Please come in.”

King Javiah opened the door and entered. He closed the door back. He palmed the golden medallion at his neck and walked to where Sephora stood.

Sephora bowed. “Your majesty.” She lifted her head. King Javiah eyes penetrated hers. Maxine, the man’s is too damn handsome, she thought. Her friend would had already been on her knees by now. Sephora cleared her throat.

“I would like to know, is your accommodations satisfactory for the maiden?” King Javiah stroked Sephora’s cheek.

“Yes.” King Javiah stepped closer. “I hope your presence would fit well within the walls of Cromwell Court.” King Javiah leaned over and smelled Sephora’s neck. He scooted closer. “There is something about you that I find reminiscent of another time.” King Javiah kissed Sephora on her temple. His lips slowly traveled to her lips.

Sephora tilted her head. King Javiah slowly kissed Sephora’s lips. She linked her arms around his neck. His lips deepened against hers. He squeezed her frame to his. He need to know how far she would go to use her sorcery powers on him. Now that he had the answers, why weren’t his lips retreating.

“You smell good, and your lips taste inviting.” King Javiah inched back. He leaned down and kissed a breast nipple through her gown. He palmed one of breasts and squeezed it. He will have to scorn his seamstress for not adding a corset to the witch’s dressing attire. He leaned down again and kissed the other breast nipple.


He cupped her buttocks, and suckled the nipple through her gown.


I think it could be trickery, to plant a spy in the court. Be weary and vigilant.’

King Javiah inched back. He looked down into Sephora’s eyes. He traced over her lips. He leaned down and kissed them again. King Javiah stepped back. Sephora traced over King Javiah’s goatee.

“If I must say, you are a very handsome king, your Majesty.”

King Javiah smiled.

“I have come to you escort you to dine. If you weld your sorcery powers, my knights have been trained to kill you on the spot.”

The comment took Sephora by surprise.

“I am no witch, or a sorcerer.”


King Javiah held his arm out.

Sephora linked her arm around his.

Both walked to the door.




Highland Court



“King Raphael, I have been given word that King Javiah has incorporated the works of a sorcerer to defeat you, your Majesty.”

King Raphael walked to the window and looked out. He placed his hands behind his back. “And is this information authentic?”

“Yes your Majesty, Cardinal Webster has confirmed this.”

“I see King Javiah, has pulled his ace card to have me believe that a sorcerer exists in this day and time. It’s nothing but a Jester, practicing hocus pocus.” King Raphael turned around. He rubbed his chin down. “Have this gentleman preformed any wondrous works.”

“Your Majesty, the sorcerer is a woman, and the word around court is, a very beautiful woman, who has immediate assess to information foreign to the eyes, and hearsay to the ears.”

“A female, well this little bravado between King Javiah, and I, is getting very interested.”

“What steps should be utilized, your Majesty.”

King Raphael thought for a minute.

“I have an elaborate plan. Have my Knights to meet me here in twenty minutes.”

“Yes your Majesty.”



Edinburgh, Scotland



Sir Pious looked at the door. He heard footsteps echoing throughout the foyer. A hush fell upon the dining hall. King Javiah’s twelve knights stood. Sir Pious’ hands began to sweat in anticipation.

King Javiah entered the dinning hall, with Sephora on his arm.

The standing guests in attendance parted to allow room for the king's forwarding progress.

Sir Pious looked at Sephora as the two passed his presence.

“If you do not unhand me, I…I will cast a spell on you, and this entire kingdom.”

King Javiah escorted Sephora to the opposite end of the table; he pulled the chair out for her.

“Thank you your Majesty.”

Sephora took a seat. Her eyes traveled the length of the table. Sir Pious looked forward; he refused to capture Sephora’s eyes.

King Javiah took a seat. Everyone around the table, sat.

Sephora’s eye fell upon Sir Pious. Her heart fluttered.

Do not turn your head. Sir Pious convinced himself. He pivoted and looked at Sephora as the King’s chef served her a slice of pheasant.

Her full lips were very enticing. Her breasts, which spilled over the gown made him squirm in his seat.

“Pheasant Sir Pious.”

Sir Pious looked up. He looked at Sephora, who at the moment returned the stare.

Sir Pious waved his hand. The King’s chef addressed the next person.

King Javiah looked down at his lovely companion; the woman was too beautiful to be a witch. Cardinal Webster stole a look at Sephora. As soon as word gets to the holy church. He will make sure the Catholic Church hangs here for witchery and hearsay. “Young lady what are your views on the doctrine of the Catholic Church.”

“I apologize your Holiness, but I am a Baptist.”

The Cardinal’s eyebrows rose.

“Not a Protestant.”

“No sir.”

Sir Pious stole several looks at Sephora throughout her meal. He wanted to taste her lips. Her smile and enlighten talk around the King’s table had everyone waiting for her next word to be spoken. The King laid his eating utensils aside, as did everyone else.

The servant began removing the plates from off the table. The King stood, and then his twelve knights stood. King Javiah scooted his chair back, and walked in the direction where Sephora sat. He leaned his hand out.

Sephora placed her hand in his and stood.

King Javiah escorted Sephora into the King’s room.

“Your Majesty, I need a word with you.”

King Javiah dropped Sephora’s hand and turned to face his Master of the Horse.

The Master of the Horse bowed.

“Sir Pious.”

Sir Pious stepped forward and bowed.

“Yes your Majesty.”

“I will leave Sephora in your grace, until I return.”

Sir Pious hit his fist to his chest, and then bowed.

King Javiah turned and walked away.

“This way Sephora.”

Sir Pious walked several steps of Sephora. The other knights fell in line behind him.

“Sir Pious, there is something questionable on the floor. Are you going to carry me?”

Sir Pious stopped and turned around. His eyes dropped to the floor.

“Carry on,” Sir Pious hissed under his breath.

The twelve knights continued their progress.

Sir Pious walked up to Sephora, and picked her up. He looked down at her lips.

Sephora wrapped her arms around Sir Pious’ neck and inched closer to him. He nuzzled her neck.

“You smell very good.”

“Thank you and you look very handsome in your knight attire. Oh, I think we passed the puddle back there.”

“Are you trying to cast a spell on me, Sephora?”

“If that was so, then I will have to do this.”

Sephora leaned in and slowly kissed Sir Pious on his lips. Sir Pious squeezed Sephora tighter. His lips were clumsy against hers.

Sephora inched back.

“I see you have no practice in this.”

“I suppose your spell will teach me.”

“No, I will have the pleasure of that myself.”

Sir Pious stopped and looked at Sephora.

“You bewitch me Sephora.”

Sephora leaned in and whispered in his ear, “You have not seen anything yet.”

Sir Pious set Sephora in front of the arch of the King’s Room.

“Your spell does not work on me.” Sir Pious glanced down at Sephora’s lips. He looked around the entrance hall. His eyes fell on her. “I will not be taken in by a sorcerer,” he whispered.

Sephora reached up on her toes, and kissed Sir Pious on his lips. She planted her palms on his breastplate and kissed him under his chin. She inched her lips up to his.

Sir Pious closed his eyes, wrapped his arms around her waist, and heightened the kiss. He inched closer. Sephora inched backwards and looked up into his eyes. She felt his erection through his leggings.

“You already are,” she whispered against his lips. She stepped back, lifted her gown, and walked into the Kings’ Room. She turned around and winked at Sir Pious.

Sir Pious watched Sephora mingle among the prime members of the Royal House.

He would never cross the line to bed her. Therefore, why was his groin tingling in curiosity?

Someone palmed Sir Pious on his back.

“My good friend, you are not enjoying the festivities?”

Sir Pious turned around.

“Your Majesty…”

“I need to speak to you in privacy.”

Sir Pious bowed and lifted his eyes. He looked inside the entrance hall.

“What about the witch your majesty.”

“I have twelve other knights in attendance.”

King Javiah walked away. Sir Pious looked inside the King’s room. His eyes found Sephora’s eyes. He bowed his head at her, turned, and walked away.

King Javiah and Sir Pious walked into the Kings’ Throne Room.


Sir Pious walked to a velvet settee and took seat. King Javiah sat across from Sir Pious.

“How can I be of service Your Majesty?”

“I have been give word by some of my spies that King Raphael, is planning to raid my kingdom by dawn’s early light.”

“Your Majesty is the information accurate.”


“We will have our defenders waiting for them Your Majesty.”

King Javiah palmed his cheeks. “No, let it proceed.”

“We can meet them at Hilt’s Point there; we will use the sorcerer as bait.”


“We can pretend to let her go; therefore, if King Raphael values her as a spy, then he will retreat, or find other extreme measures to insight a battle.”

“Prepare the witch for the journey.”

“Yes sir.” Sir Pious stood and bowed. He turned and walked out the room.









Sephora adjusted her derrière on the saddle. She pivoted to face Sir Pious

“How could you and this kingdom believe I am a spy,” she whispered


King Javiah lifted the looking glass and looked through it. Things were too quiet. He tuned his hearing to the stampede of approaching horses.

“On my command.”

His field of army and twelve knights stood in waiting.

King Raphael sitting upon his horse led his army to the front of the battlefield. He lifted his looking glass and looked through it again; he canvassed King Javiah’s army.

“It appear our presence have been met.”

The roar of his army echoed their war cry.

King Javiah looked around.

“Bring me the spy.”

“Please don’t let them have me, please,” she whispered. “I am not a spy, I could help you.”

Sir Pious dismounted his horse. He pulled Sephora off his horse. He looked down into her eyes.

“I guess your weakening spell does not work in this lifetime.”

“Do not follow through with this. You will all regret this in the end.”


Sir Pious grabbed a hold of Sephora’s upper arm. He walked to the front of the battlefield. He squeezed their presence through the stream of horses. He paused in the middle of the battlefield and gently pushed Sephora down on the muddy grass. She landed on her knees.

“King Raphael, your whore,” King Javiah hollered. “You have less then five minutes to command your men to cease, if not, battle will ensue.”

King Raphael lifted his looking glass and looked through it. He looked at King Javiah’s army. He lowered the looking glass and palmed his goatee. He then readjusted his eye back on the looking glass. He lowered the looking glass and focused on the woman on the grass.

Sir Armorld leaned over and whispered. “King Javiah is voluntarily surrendering the sorcerer,” his knight mentioned. “It could be a trick.”

“Go fetch the sorcerer.”

“Yes your majesty.” Sir Armorld dismounted his horse.

Sir Pious arched his eyebrows. The plan was not working, he thought by now King Raphael would turn around and retreat.

Sir Armorld drew his sword. Sir Pious drew his sword. King Raphael looked on.

“We will meet on the battlefield again Sir Pious.”

“Yes, and make sure, you do not send a spy to do a man's duty.”

Sir Armorld yanked Sephora to her knees. He placed her behind him. Sir Pious found Sephora’s eyes.

Sir Armorld and Sephora slowly backed up. Each step Sephora took, Sir Pious’ heart began to beat faster. Dammit, why would King Raphael relieve the duty of his spy? He took a step forward.

Sir Armorld's hand went to the hilt of his sword.

“I will never forgive you Sir Pious in this lifetime, or the next for handing me over to the enemy, never,” Sephora spat at him.

Sephora and Sir Armorld made it back to his horse.

King Raphael dismounted his horse.

Sephora bowed her head, and then lifted her face.

King Raphael looked into the woman’s eyes. God she was exquisite.

“I am not a witch or soccer. My name is Sephora.” She curtsied.

King Raphael could not see past the flawless skin tone complexion, full lips, and alluring eyes.

He gently lifted Sephora up and settled her on his horse.

Sir Pious looked on with jealousy.

Sir Raphael mounted his horse, turned around, and trodden off. His twelve knights fell behind him. His army slowly retreated.

Sir Pious walked back to his horse.

“I do not want to die, I can assure you I’m not a witch, please let me go.”

“If you do not unhand me, I…I will cast a spell on you, and this entire kingdom.”

Some spells are worth it.”

Is this what you really want?”


He mounted his horse. The kings’ plan did not work out as planned. Sephora should have returned to King Javiah’s kingdom. Sir Pious’ horse fell alongside King Javiah’s horse.


“King Javiah what is it which lays up the road”

King Javiah and Sir Pious stopped. The knights riding behind stopped.

Sir Pious held his hand up. One of the other knights jumped off his horse. He joined King Javiah and Sir pious at their horses.

Sir Pious lifted his looking glass and looked through the eyepiece. He lowered it to make out the figure sprawled on the road. Sir Pious closed his looking glass, and dropped it inside his saddle bag.

“King Javiah, my men and I will handle this.”

King Javiah nodded his head. Sir Pious slid off his horse. The remaining knights followed pursuit.

Twelve knights drew their swords. Each one spread out, The daarkness and cloak of the forest camouflaged the presence. Sir Pious slowly advances forward. As he got closer. He heard the groins of what sounded like a woman. Sir Pius looked back at the way he traveled. The moans became clearer. He expelled a loud whistle. The hidden knights slowly emerged from hiding.

“Someone is wrenching in pain,” he whispered.

“Sir Pious it could be a trap.”

“Then we will deal with it swiftly”

All twelve knights lifted their sword and ran to face the enemy at hand.

“Help... please help me,” a soft voice stopped each man in their path.

“Speak, who call out to the night.”

“My travels brings me this way, and I fell off my horse, and injured my leg.”

Sir Pious slid his sword back into the sheath and progressed forward. He knelt on his knees.

The woman slid back the hood of her cloak. Light brown curls cuddled her face. A pair of dark-brown eyes held a hint of apprehension.

“Could you move your leg lass.”





Highland Court



King Raphael entered the grounds of Highland Court. Sephora looked around. His castle was of modern. The grayish building dated back to the fourteenth century. Whereas, King Javiah’s castle sat atop a Craig, and surrounded a moat. King Raphael stopped his horse and dismounted it. He lifted his arms up and lifted Sephora off. Her legs buckled under her.

King Raphael settled Sephora.

“I apologize for the long journey.”

“It’s fine, thank you.” Sephora smiled.

“You have a lovely castle.

King Raphael looked around his court.

“Thank you.”

The Master of the Horse appeared. King Raphael handed him the reins of his horse.

“This way, Sephora.”

Sephora and King Raphael walked to a door made of steel. The Butler opened the door.

“Good evening Your Majesty.” He bowed and moved aside.

Sephora was hesitant in entering.

“Please,” King Raphael whispered in her ear.

Sephora entered King Raphael castle. She looked around.






Sir Pious laid on his back staring at the ceiling. He placed his hands behind his head.

“I see you have no practice in this.”

“I suppose your spell will teach me.”

“No, I will have the pleasure of that myself.”

“You bewitch me Sephora.”

“You have not seen anything yet.”

“Your spell does not work on me.” “I will not be taken in by a sorcerer.”

“Come to me Sir Pious.”

Sir Pious sat up and reached for the lantern. He twisted the knob to illuminate the room. He looked around.

“If you do not unhand me, I…I will cast a spell on you, and this entire kingdom.”

He slicked his hand back through his hair.

“What if she was telling the truth.” Maybe she did cast a spell on him that would only explain why he is hearing voices.

“Sir Pious save me.”

Sir pious jumped out the bed, and reached for his sword. “Show your face witch.” He looked around his bedchamber. The sounds of frogs croaking in the distance background was heard. Sir Pious sat back on his bed. He positioned his sword near his bed.


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