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Straight Talk (Media Propaganda BS)

My various accumulated theories presented for your reading pleasure are not meant to offend, the sources of information relied upon should be taken with regality, whereas, you must in farther investigate my findings upon my research to come into your own understating. Various hypothesis is solely based upon research from my mind to accept the flaws of its credibility.


I am so peeved with the media propaganda that is taking place in front of my eyes. I was not going to vent my displeasure until I heard the latest death totals.     


African Americans as I’ve heard on 04-07-20, are the leading cause of deaths of this Corona virus.     


As a Nursing Director who is on the front line with the CDC, doctors, nurses, clinical staff, that is just not correct data your ears are hearing. My readers this virus has no name, no race, and no disparities.     


Therefore, please do not believe everything you hear on that soap box. And sadly, to say, I know this pandemic would come down to racial barriers.   


Let’s examine some of the disadvantages and what would bring this correlation to the forefront. It is a known fact, African Americas are three times more likely to delay seeking medical attention when ill, we are prone to suffer from various medical element conditions such as, HTN, DM I and II, Hyperlipidemia, Prostate Cancer and Gout.     


These elements have been permitting the effected person from living a longer and healthy lifestyle, a lack of prevention is nowhere to be erected in regards to Community Health Centers within our communities.     


Other factors to take under consideration. There is an increase of infant death mortality among African Americans and a higher abortion rate among other races.     


My next finding and report are what has me totally stunned. This Corona virus, and please excuse me if I tend to step on anyone’s toes, however, I am only telling how it is and how it appears to you.   


When this virus came upon this nation's shore, according to the CDC, it was confined to frequent travelers who had business or leisure pleasure in China. No face of race was ever a model for this virus.   

Then it broadened out, then trickling within our most vulnerable population, in waves, affecting the immune defenseless of the elderly.   


Okay let me play the devil's advocate no disrespect intended grann…sorry.   


As I was saying I’ve seen the repercussions and the faces of this virus’ strain, in addition, who may or who it has already affected, and it is not sixty percent of African Americans, I stake my RN license on that fact.     


In as much, I had to stop and ponder how and where the new media are gathering this information, I understand the CDC major role in these tallies. Nevertheless, If that percent were correct, you will have every African American’s voice ringing in New York to Chicago. loudly protesting in regards to why we are the forgotten ones in the midst of this pandemic, and then it would come down, why are we dying quicker than other races, and the absence of ventilators for our race, yet accessible to others.     


If you think about it, if these false totals were true then that mean most emergency room physicians are playing God with the concept of who dies and who gets preferential treatment, to get, he or she back on the road to a quick recovery.   


In the medical profession, we take the oath to heal.   

For the necessity of this issue, let's probe farther. Most African Americans do no journey outside of their borders, not because we are denied, but the lack of passports and the lack of financial resources to implement such.   


I would had softened my stance, if it was reported, and God forgive me for saying, we as in African American are ‘testing’ at a sixty-eight-rate percent. But the percentage of deaths, no, it is much lower in comparison.   


Why is it when American is going through an occurrence of common ground, why must African Americans be the scapegoat whenever the government has to cuddle other races with reassurance.     


When in essence, other races are at a disdained of dying out. So, African Americans hang their heads down, like it is a dire concern, when we all know in our neighborhoods are hands our naked in receiving better care, poverty ridden, and we deal best we can, and then miraculously some Pharmaceutical Company rides in like a great savior and guess what. Mother with kids in tow, showing up in droves at a Health Clinic, miles from their residence, getting their kids vaccinated for a pandemic that was built on untruth or false miscalculations.   


Trust me readers, when you see those hospital carting those bodies out. and storing them in semi-trucks for burial or cremation, if you think for one minute more than half of them are dark skinned tone you are sadly mistaken; no African Americans are still sitting in the emergency room filling out registration forms and given a mask.   


Do you really think those ventilators are utilized for the have nots. If we are dying during these peril times trust me it will not be from the Corona Virus alone, maybe some underline medical condition in alliance.   


This virus attacks, the young (their immune system are better quipped). The middle age (your sedated lifestyle may or may not place you at a with- even with no underline medical condition) the elderly (more prone to catch,  due to respiratory medical elements- COPD, CHF, Lung Cancer, Asthma, Pneumonia, and an avid smoker.   


If you know how the theories of how this depopulation is designed, you will have to do your own mental homework.     


And for those individual who are still on the front line, the paramedics, the  bus drivers, the custodial crew,  NYPD, I bow in sincerity to you  and for you.   


And for a little tidbit. take a spoonful of honey each day it protects the lining of the lungs, retains skin suppleness, and other preventive measures. If you are a diabetic, please check with your physician.   


My next segment will be how to eat to live.  I am still researching the healing properties of those field herbs.     


Until our intellect minds come together on seeking the truth, say alert, with wide eyes, and distance ears, now that’s straight talk for you.   

 Erotica and Romance Novelist