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My love   

You are the gentle sail within my wind 

The spare air I breathe 

A tender whisper in my ear 

The next breath I take 

The light when my eyes are closed 

As you stumble in the reality of my dreams 

Your lips coating the warmth of my supple skin 

A sturdy body that covets my temple in the throne of ecstasy 

I give you my desires unto you wished upon by the stars 

You give me the crescent and the moon 

Fusing my love, you have me, you send me, you complete me 

Your family jewels lassoing the christening space of my Chi 

Sinking and sinking in my Sacral Charka 

The blissfulness sensations of its captivating, echoes   

Submerging in the pleasure of its blissful rains 

The spiraling effect of its rapture, it softens me, it mentally comforts me   

My love, no doubt, you leave me breathless

I do not own the rights to the song, Negligee by George S. Clinton, playing in the background-Kemy

 Erotica and Romance Novelist