The drama continues.

What man would be the victor. Which man will Shamika surrender her heart too

All this awaits you

Keiwan's Revenge II





You and Marcus were in a deep conversation. What were you two talking about?”

“Aah politics. He works alongside you.”

“He has an office in the same building.”

“Are you sexually attracted to him?”

“Wow where did that come from?”

“I need to know where my fiancée’s head is. Answer the question.”

“No. You have him beat hands down.”

“So, I have nothing to worry about.”

“The only worry you have is keeping me satisfy, and loving me above all else. Do you think you can handle that request, Attorney Delleron?”

“You are about to find out.” He winked at her.

“How about I beat you to the punch.

Shamika unsnapped her seatbelt and reached over; she unzipped Conner’s pants and took out his dick.

“Woman, I know you are not about to…
Shamika dropped her head down and mouthed Conner’s dick.

“Do that.”

Conner reclined his seat back an inch.

He placed a palm over Shamika’s head with one hand, and maneuvered the steering wheel with the other.

Shamika stroked the hard flesh.

She inched back, and licked around over the top.

“Oh baby, you are skilled at this.”

“Uum hum.”

She concealed his dick, and yanked on it. He kissed the surface; she inserted his dick back into her mouth.

“Oh sweet.” Conner’s head hit the back of the seat rest.

“Keep your eyes on the road, handsome.”

Conner decreased his speed.

Shamika suckled, squeezed, teased, and kissed over the length.

Conner mashed her head into his groin,

“Oh baby, work that dick.”

Shamika pumped his dick faster; the tip touched the back of her throat.

“Oh please don’t stop.

Shamika felt the tip of his dick pulsate. She pumped harder, and sucked his dick faster.

“Oh... that…”

Conner pressed her head down, and ejaculated in her mouth…”Oh Mika, I love you baby.”

Shamika sucked the river of cum inside her mouth, allowed the current to wash down her throat. She slowly licked over the head.

“Oh... baby, don’t move, just lick over the head.”

Shamika complied with his wishes. She kissed the tip and sat up.

Shamika pulled the seat belt over her shoulder, and snapped it in place.

“You are…I would hate to lose you to another.”

“I think I’ll stick around Attorney Delleron.”

Tell her dammit you are the District Attorney.

Conner pressed a button on his dashboard. The garage door lifted, the light automatically came on. He drove into his garage; he pulled his Infiniti alongside his Mercedes.

Conner placed his vehicle in park, turned off the ignition, and withdrew the key.

“Mika, about the disagreement we had earlier.


“I love you, and I want this relationship for what it is, which is you and me, not about anyone’s financial status.”

“In other words, yours.”

“Since you put it out there, yes.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret.”

Conner sat back.

“You have my attention.”

“I own the home I live in now, the home I got in my divorce settlement, book royalties, and royalties from a television movie. Conner, if I only wanted you for your money, I would not be here.” She lifted his hand. “I love you for who you are, how you make me feel, in and out of bed. I feel protected when I’m around you.”

Conner lifted his hand and stroked her face.

“Okay, enough said on that issue. I hope you still love me after you’ve met my family for Christmas.”

“The same applies here.”

Both laughed.

Conner unsnapped his seatbelt and got out the vehicle. He pushed the door close, and walked around the vehicle. He opened the door for Shamika.

Shamika stepped down. Conner closed the door.

Both walked to the door, leading from the garage to the back pantry area.




Kwan laid in his bed.

“Where the hell is she, certainly she is home by now.”

He turned on his side, waiting for sleep to consume him. His telephone rang.

Kwan turned over, sat up, and reached for the telephone receiver. He placed the receiver up to his ear.

“Yeah man.”

“You in bed already.”

“Yes, a long day. Why what’s up?”

“Keiwan and me, is thinking about stepping out, and playing some pool.”

“I got a pool table over here, you know that.”

“You have beer.”

“Brandy, Scotch and Whiskey.”

“If you’re interested meet us at the bar and lounge on Twenty-Fourth Street.”

“I’m there.”


Kwan threw the covers back, and got out the bed.




“Baby, anymore popcorn in the bowl?"

“No, I could go and make some.”

“You’re an angel.”

“Thank you.”

Shamika grabbed the bowl and walked into the kitchen.

Conner’s cell phone vibrated.

He reached for his cell phone on the glass table, flipped it open, and placed it up to his ear.


“The fellows and I was wondering if you want to join us for a round of drinks, and some pool.”

“Dad, my fiancée and I are chilling.”

“Fiancée, I thought that was off.”

“We squared everything, and now we are back on.”

“I see.”

“You sure you do not want to kick it.”

“Dad, trust me, I am cool.”

“Here you are.”

Shamika placed the bowl of popcorn down on the table

Kwan listened in.

“Tell your fiancée I said hello.”

“I will do dad, later.”

Conner flipped his cell phone down.

Kwan flipped his cell phone down.

“Where were we?”

“Watching this movie.”

Shamika lifted the covers up over them. She laid on Conner’s chest.




“Fellows, it appears Conner, is chilling with his fiancée.”

“You mean Mr. Playa, is kicking his old man and uncles aside for a piece of pussy.”

“It must be that good,” Keijohn added. “I’m still curious about that woman.”

“There is only one way to find out, let’s go and crash the two love birds.”

“We shoot the last game, and then we’re out of her.




“You have a beautiful home.”

“Thank you. We have another home in Denver.”


“Do you ski?”


“Let’s spend the New Year in Denver.”

“I would love to spend anywhere with you.”

“Oh you would.”

Shamika sunk under the covers. Her head graced the couch cushion.

“I think you have on too much clothing.”

“I guess your Kenneth Cole shirt, could use a break.”

Conner already was on the last button. He moved aside the flaps.

He leaned his head down and licked over a nipple. He kissed her neck.

“Damn, you smell good.”

Conner inched back. He looked down into her eyes.

“Make love to me Shamika.”

“I would love that baby.”

Conner laid back on the sectional.

Shamika lifted up on her knees. She got in between Conner’s robust thighs. She bent her head down and kissed Conner on stomach. Her tongue sailed up his stomach, she licked over a hairy breast nipple. Her tongue made a wet path up his neck, under his chin, onto his lips. Conner palmed the side of her face and kissed her sensually.

“Oh baby.”

Conner reached down and palmed his dick.

“I’m making love to my man, no rushing this feeling.”

“Baby, I have not felt inside of you since New York.”

“Which would make this all the more enjoyable. I need for you to turn over.”

“Actually, I was enjoying the front view from here.”

Shamika palmed his chest, and drugged her tongue back down his stomach. She kissed the beads of hair in his groin area. She kissed his semi-flaccid manhood. Her tongue slicked over the dome of his penis head.

“Oh baby.”

Her nails raked across his skin. Shamika kissed his inner thigh. Conner moved his body to evade the sensitive contact.

Shamika lifted his testicles, and placed both inside her mouth.

The saggy skin rolled around in her mouth.

Conner hissed.

Shamika released them gently; she licked up the tower of his erect dick.

She palmed his upper thigh, and kissed his hip area.

“Oh baby…you have to stop, I’m about to let this cannon loose.”

“Then let me assist you in that.”

Shamika crawled on top of Conner. She palmed his penis, and placed it near her opening. She licked his pre-cum from off her fingers.

Shamika anchored her pussy over his dick.

“Oh shit, you have the best pussy I’ve ever stuck my dick into.”


“Dammit, baby, it’s the truth.”

He went under her shirt and palmed her upper back, he pulled her forward. He kissed around her breast nipple.

Shamika kissed the top of his head.

“Conner, I love you so much, don’t ever leave this or me, please.”

Conner hugged his face to her breasts. He looked up.

“I wouldn’t think of it.”

Conner sandwiched her breasts, and kissed one nipple and then the other.

Shamika gyrated slowly.

“Damn you make me love being inside of you.”

Conner leaned his head up. Shamika leaned her head down.

Their lips united.

Conner laid back, taking Shamika body with his.

Shamika rocked her pussy back and forth. She grabbed onto the armrest of the couch.

“That…shit is.”

Shamika kissed his lips.

Conner squeezed her buttocks. He thrust upward; he held her tighter, and dug his dick deeper.

“Oh…oh.” Shamika flapped her pussy downward.

“Oh…baby don’t.” Some of his sperm linked out.

“Tell me you love me.”

“I love you.”

Shamika moved slow, and then faster.

Conner thrust inside of her. Shamika moved faster.

“Here….” Conner’s head pressed into the couch cushion. His sperm gushed out.

“Oh Conner.”

“Conner…” She laid on top of him and climaxed.

“Oh baby, I feel your pussy kneading my dick.”

Conner and Shamika kissed.

The doorbell rang.

Both stopped.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Conner looked at the clock on the wall.

“Shit, just when this pussy was twirking for me.”

“Hurry back, there’s more.”

“I will."

Shamika lifted off of Conner and sat up.

“Baby, I will be in the shower.”

“Okay, let me get rid of whomever.”

“All right."

Conner kissed her on the lips.

Shamika walked to the stairs. His feet hit the first step.

Conner stood, wrapped the cover around himself, and walked out of the family room. His feet traveled over the Italian marble floor. He stood in front of his security touch pad.

He pressed the intercom in.


“It’s us son, and Keiwan has to use the bathroom.”


Conner buzzed the front gate open. He ran up the stairs to change.

Conner walked down the steps. His doorbell rang.

He walked over to the door and opened it.

“Come in.”

“Man, I have to take a leak.”

Keiwan rushed in the direction of the guest bathroom.

Kwan and Keijohn walked in.

Conner closed the door.

“We brought the beer.”

“Everybody could have a seat in the family room; let me tell my fiancée, the fellows and I are down here chilling.”

“Since your father, Keiwan and I are here, we would like to meet the woman who has brought down the last men standing.”

“I went down willing on that.”

All three laughed.

Keiwan joined everyone in the family room.

“What did I miss?”

“Conner, was about to let us meet his fiancée.”

“And no laughing at my choice.”

Conner walked out the family room.

“Man, I told you she’s a toad.”

“No wonder he’s been hiding her.”

Conner walked into his bedroom

“Baby, my family would like to meet you.”

Shamika looked down at her nudity.

“Like this.”

“Fuck no!”

“Baby, it’s a joke.”

“I knew that.”

He winked at her.

“Could you give me ten minutes, I have to put back on my gown, and dry my hair.”

“Ten minutes, and you may have to excuse their behavior.”

“I will.”

Conner leaned down and kissed her on the lips. He leaned his head down and kissed her on the shoulder blade.

“I will make sure, after you’ve spoken, I will rush them out of here.”

“Yes, that bed looks lonely without us in it.”

“Yes it does.”


“I will.”

Conner turned and walked out of the bedroom. He descended the staircase. He walked back into the family room.

Kwan looked over Conner’s shoulder.

“She’s getting dressed.”

“Did we disturb something youngster.”

“I was knee deep in it.”

Kwan popped the tab on a beer and took a gulp.

He scooted the bowl of popcorn aside, and placed the can on a costar.“Dad, you let this old folks get you out. Does mom know about this?”“I am the man of my castle.”

“If you say so.”

“So your dad told us, you thinking about taking the plunge.”

“Oh yeah, that pussy will have Mr. Delleron’s name on it.”

“Wait hold up.”

Keijohn lifted the remote and increased the volume.

This breaking news in from News. It has been confirmed by Chicago Technical University, that Dr. Collins, has been appointed the Provost. No one was available for a comment.”

The news showed a picture of Shamika.

“Fellows, that’s my sweet pussy.”

“What the fuck do you mean, your sweet pussy?”

Conner pointed to the television. “That is my fiancée.”

“Man, that’s your fiancée. And this is the same woman who is upstairs now.”

“Yes, what the fuck is up!”

“I don’t believe this shit.”

No this bitch is not fucking his step-son

“Conner, Shamika…”

“Who the fuck is Shamika; my fiancée’s name is Mika.”

Keiwan slicked his hand back through his hair.

“Dammit Conner, as in Shamika Collins, Dr. Collins, whatever fucking name she may have told you.”

“Son you stated her name was Shara.”

“That bitch was fucking the both of us.”

Keiwan rushed out the living room. Conner, Kwan, and Keijohn ran after him. Keiwan took the steps two at a time

“Shamika,” Keiwan hollered out.

Shamika placed the tube of lipstick down on the dresser.

“Dammit Shamika, where the fuck are you!”

“Keiwan, oh shit.”

Shamika ran out into the hallway.

“Keiwan, Kwan, Keijohn.”

“You were fucking me and my nephew.”

“Woo, slow down, I did not know you two were related.”

“Bullshit! You were at the Village Theater, and you must have seen us, and somehow disappeared.”

Shamika looked at Conner. “Conner, I’m sorry, I…, yes, I did see you talking to these three, but…but then you told me your last name, and that you are an attorney.”

“Dammit Shamika, I told you my son was the District Attorney.”

“District Attorney…wait. Conner you never told me you were a District Attorney. Had I known that, I would never have entered into a relationship with you.”

Conner excused himself through Kwan, Keijohn, and Keiwan.”

“Did you know who I was?”

“Not really.”

“Dammit, what the fuck does that mean, not really, Mika, dammit Shamika. The day you ran out on me, you knew I could possibly be a Spellman. Yet, you didn’t care, you not only made a fool out of me, but you were fucking my uncle and me. Get the fuck out of my home!”

“Wait a minute. Conner, I swear, I never meant for this to happen, I love you will all my heart.”

Conner stepped in front of her face. “Is that the same thing you whispered to my uncle when he had his dick inside you too?”

“I swear I never slept with Keiwan, after we start seeing each other.”

“Will someone please get this whore out of my home, before, I do it.”

“Conner please, could we talk about this in private.”

“Talk about what? Staying together, us getting married, talk about what dammit! My uncle fucked you first; damn you are a low life whore.”

“You heard the man, leave you whore.”

Conner could we talk.” Shamika advanced forward. Keiwan blocked her forward progress.

“Leave now dammit.”


Keiwan pushed her back.

“Leave now, before I throw your ass out!”

Conner walked away, he entered his bedroom, and slammed the door close.


Tears streamed down Shamika’s face.

The door opened. Conner walked back out. Shamika smiled. He walked up to her, lifted her hand, and removed his engagement ring.

“Go fuck another sucker, you fucking whore.”

Conner turned back around, and walked into his bedroom. Shamika stood there. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and reopened her eyes. She turned around.

“I will never forgive you three for this. You three are to stay the fuck away from me.”

“With gladness, you fucked the both of us, you will get yours in the end, you bitch!” Keiwan spat at her.

Shamika walked to the steps. She stopped to look at Kwan.

Anger glimmered in his eyes. She walked down the steps

Kwan walked over to Conner’s bedroom and knocked on the door. “Son, we will be downstairs.”

“Yeah dad.”


Keiwan, Kwan, and Keijohn entered the living room.

“What a fucking buzz kill.”

“I cannot believe she was fucking us both.”

Me either Kwan thought.

“That bitch has to pay for what she did to your son and me.”

Keiwan popped the tab back on the can of beer.

“She is. She will not be in my son’s life any longer.”

“No that is too easy for that bitch, I need her to pay, the only way women like her understand the emotional hurt they do to others, is feel the pain themselves.”

“Slow down bro; don’t let your emotions lead you down a road of no return.”

“How would you feel if you were in my shoes Keijohn? Dammit, I loved that woman, and for her to do some shit like this to me, I want her to hurt too.”

“Kwan please talk some sense into your baby brother.”

“I’m with Keiwan.”

“You both are fucked up in the head. I do not think Conner will share the same sentiment.”

“He does not have to know.”

“It sounds like you two have made up your mind.”

“Yes, I have, so fuck what you, or you say.”

“I’m with you man.”

“Man, I’m out of here.”

“Yeah me too, you coming man.”

“Let me make sure Conner is coping.”

“Tell him don’t worry, Uncle Keiwan will get that ass, on second thought, do not say a damn thing.”

Keiwan and Keijohn walked out of the family room.



Shamika slammed her door close. She dropped her purse on the table, and walked to the couch. She sat down. She looked around her home.

“Wait a minute, Conner, I swear, I never meant for this to happen, I love you will all my heart.”

“Is that the same thing you whispered to my uncle when he had his dick inside you too?”

Shamika wiped her tears away with the back of her hand. She laid down on the couch, she grabbed a pillow and hugged it to her body.

“Please let this work itself out, please.”




Kwan knocked on Conner’s door.

“Son, I need to speak to you.”

Conner opened the door.

“You all right son.”

“Yeah dad, you know it takes more than a piece of pussy to set old Conner back.”

“You want to finish these beers with your old man.”

“Naw, dad, I’m calling it an early night. I have too much shit on my plate.”

“I understand. If you need me, call.”

“You got it dad.”

“I will let myself out.”

“All right.”

Kwan turned and walked down the stairs.

Conner walked back inside his bedroom.




Keiwan hung up the telephone.

“You want to fuck around my nephew and my emotions, then bitch you will pay the price for it.” He stood and walked over to the window. Keiwan pulled the curtain back and watched the snowflakes fall from the sky. How could someone you love so much, be the first person you despise the quickest.

“What patience enough for another man to come along, and claim your time, enjoy your company, what get a high from off your loving.”

 “Sexy, I want you, and if I have to sound obtuse, or arrogant, but dammit, I can’t lose you this time, as you can see I’m not getting any younger.”

 “Baby, I like where I’m at, I love who I am with. All I am asking for is time. Time to get to know you again, fall back in love with. Please try to see it from my point of view.”

 “Can you promise me, that you will not let another come in between us.”

“I promise not to let anyone come in between us.”

“Then I guess I can be a little more patience, until, I put a ring on that left hand.”

“I admire a man who thinks about our future.”


He hated Shamika with all his heart. “This would be the last time you hurt me.” Keiwan allowed the curtain to fall. He walked to the door, and out of his office.




Kwan rang Shamika’s doorbell. He pounded on her door.

“Shamika open this motherfucking door, I know you are in there.”

Shamika opened her eyes and sat up.

“Open this fucking door.”

Shamika rose from off the couch. She walked over to her door. She pressed in her intercom system.

“What do you want Kwan, please leave.”

“We need to talk.”

“Kwan, I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt your son.”

“Baby, I know. Could you open the door, so we could talk about this?”

Shamika thought about it. “Only if you want to talk.”

“That’s all we could do.”

Shamika unlocked her door and opened it. Kwan pushed the door open wider and pushed it close with a clash.

“You want to play games with me and my son.”

Shamika backed up.

“Kwan, I swear I didn’t know Conner was your step-son.”

“Liar!” Kwan backhanded Shamika.

Shamika held her face. “I…I’m sorry, I told you I met someone.”

“Bullshit, you were fucking all three of us. Your so called trip was never to California. You and my son were in New York, fucking up a storm. You pussy whipped his ass, fucking him the entire week, while I was here in Chicago professing how I feel about you over a damn telephone!”

Shamika saw the range in his eyes. “I’m sorry...” She turned and ran to the staircase. She hurried up the steps.

Kwan chased her up the steps.

“Get out of my home!”

“Dammit don’t run now!” Shamika ran into her bedroom and tried to close the door. Kwan pushed the door open. He held her by her upper arms and pulled her to his chest.

“You want to be a Spellman whore.” He shook her while backing up.

“No…I’m sorry for all of this.”

Shamika’s back hit the wall. “You let Conner taste my pussy, the pussy I’m been running my dick and tongue into.”

Kwan reached in and licked the blood trickling down the side of her lip, he ripped off her gown.

“Answer me dammit!” I had to hear about how he met someone, the same someone, I’ve nutted in.”

“I’m sorry Kwan.”

He grabbed her upper arms, and pulled her into his embrace.

“Let’s see how sorry you really are.”

Kwan unzipped his pants and took out his dick.

“Kwan no.”

“Is that what you told Conner?”

He lifted her and carried her to the bed. He threw her down on it.

“No I said.”

Shamika tried to scoot to the head of the bed. Kwan grabbed her feet, and pulled her down. He got on the bed and stationed her body under his. He palmed his dick, and rushed it inside.

“Oh shit.”

Kwan leaned down and kissed Shamika on her lips. “You let Conner eat my pussy.” Kwan thrust inside her harder. “Wine and dine you, my fucking pussy!”


Kwan smothered her lips with his.

Shamika wrapped her arms around his neck. Her tongue crawled inside his mouth.

“” Kwan kissed her neck, her chin.

Kwan weaned his dick in and out of her.

“Oh baby, it’s so creamy and wet. God help me for this.”

Shamika opened her legs wider. She pulled Kwan’s body into hers, and rode a current of raw passion.

“Oh baby, why you keep running from me.”

Kwan lifted on his palms He pulled his dick out, and slowly inserted it inside her over-and-over again.

“My…my pussy.” Kwan’s dick bulled into her.

“Oh Kwan…oh...I’m sorry, you’re hurti….”

Kwan leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. He banged her pussy, the length of his dick hammered the core of her pussy. “Dammit I said no other Spellman! Say it, dammit.”

“No…no other Spellman.”

He kissed her on a breast, and sucked the nipple. He cupped her buttocks and shifted his dick inside her pussy.

“Kwan…oh baby.”

Shamika bit, scratched his chest, and suckled on his neck. She bumped her pelvis into his groin.

“Oh shit…Damn you.”

“Kwan, harder, oh baby…baby.”

Kwan’s palms dented the bed-cover. “Only me…oh Shamika.” His ejaculated flowed out slowly. “Oh baby, I love you.” His ejaculation poured out like a slow stream of molasses. “Shamika…oh shit.”

Shamika brought his face down and kissed him on the lips. Her pussy screamed at the wet flood of semen.


She climaxed behind him. Both ragged breathing ceased to stop.

“Dam...dammit this is Kwan’s pussy,” Kwan confessed against her shoulder. He kissed the side of her neck.

Kwan inched back. Shamika drew her hand back and smacked him hard on the cheek.

“Don’t you ever in this lifetime put your hands on me?”

“I knew I had that coming, and yes I deserve it, and no I will not.”

Shamika went under Kwan’s fleece and rubbed up and down his sweating spine.

“I’ve missed you.”

“I could tell.”

“No leaving the state again, with another man, do you feel me.”


“Do you love Conner,” Kwan whispered. He placed his forehead on hers, dreading the answer.

“I’m confused; I do not know where my heart belongs any longer. I wish I was still married, my life was quite normal in California.”

“Well you’re not, and this relationship is between you and me.”

“Kwan, I really did not mean to hurt Conn….”

“I know you didn’t.” Kwan covered her mouth. He kissed her on her lip and nudged her neck

“Go away with me to California. You and I both could use some sunshine.”

“Kwan you are married.”

“Shh.” He looked into her eyes. “Shamika, I’m in love with you. I could give you the love you really need, not only physically.”

“I need space from all of you Spellman men.”

“Let’s get away for a couple of days. You have to make this up to me somehow, and get all the space you need from Keiwan and Conner.”

“How is Conner?”

“Most likely, moving on to the next woman.”

“Kwan, that hurt.”

“I’m only telling you how a man thinks.”

“Are you saying he never loved me?”

“I’m sure he did for the moment, but time does heal all wounds.”

Kwan slid off Shamika. He laid beside her on the bed.

“Kwan, I’m sorry.”

“You will have the next couple of days to show me.”

“Why aren’t you forming an alliance to destroy me?”

“I love you too much for that. I never knew I would have to contend with my step-son, for the love of my woman.”

“Kwan you are married, please do not lose focus on that.”

“I won’t. How is your lip?”

“Much better, since I cracked you in yours.”

Kwan laughed “That’s cold.”

“That better not happen again.”

“And it won’t. If Conner tries to get back with you, as his father I forbid it.”

“I forbid it,” she repeated him. “Kwan, why are you trying to harbor my time, you are married.”

“I’m thinking about us, and our future, come here.”

Kwan lifted the corner of the cover and pulled it over them.

“This is all I want.” He kissed the top of her head. “Someone I love to hold through the night, make passionately, mad, and delirious love to, when I busting a nutt inside of her, I know it’s coming from the heart.”

Shamika snuggled closer.

“Oh, congratulations on the position of Provost.”

“How did you know?”

“It made the news.”

“Thank you. Kwan, does it make me a bad woman, to confess my love and get engagement to one man, and now I’m sharing my bed with another.”

“Maybe it was not love in the beginning.”


“Make me a deal.”


“Only love me, give your heart and body a rest.”

“I think Mrs. Spellman, would not like me sharing her handsome husband’s body and mind, because, if I come to love you, then she will be a thing of the past.”

Kwan did not reply.

Shamika looked up. Kwan’s eyes were closed. She snuggled up to Kwan.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Goodnight Conner.” Something she have gotten used to saying.




Conner knotted his tie. He looked down at the engagement ring setting on his dresser. “That lying bitch!”

“Wait a minute, Conner, I swear, I never meant for this to happen, I love you will all my heart.”

“Is that the same thing you whispered to my uncle when he had his dick inside you too?”

“I swear I never slept with Keiwan, after we start seeing each other.”

“Will someone please get this whore out of my home, before, I do it.”

“Conner please, we can talk about this.”

“Talk about what, staying together, us getting married, talk about what dammit. My uncle had you first.”

“Go fuck another sucker, you fucking whore.”

Conner lifted his wallet and placed it inside his back pocket. He lifted his suit jacket from off the bed and put it on. He walked out of his bedroom.




Kwan opened his eyes. “Shamika.” Kwan sat up and then stood. He noticed he still had on his shoes and clothes. He looked down and zipped his zipper.

Kwan walked out of the bedroom. He walked down the stairs. He heard music in the kitchen. He entered.

Shamika back was turned to him. She stood in the nude fixing breakfast.

Kwan looked down at the back of Shamika’s legs, perfect ass, hourglass hips, a head full of natural jet-back curls hid the asymmetrical curve of her spine, she reached for a spatula, perfect shoulders, and that was the back he thought. He already knew Conner was not giving up on that, and he knew if his son already hit the pussy, and tasted it, shit.

“Good morning.”

Shamika turned around.

“Good morning handsome.”

Kwan walked up to her. He tilted her chin to look at her lips.

“What happen to your lip?”

“Nothing why.”

“I was scared….”

“Oh, if I would have woke up with a fat lip. You would be dealing with my sons, and all three know karate.”

“I apologize once again, that was done out of anger, I know it is not an excuse to hit a woman, but I thought someone was trying to steal my pussy.”

“Kwan you are married.”

“One day, you will not be able to hide your feelings behind that statement.”

“Pardon me.”

“Another time for that statement.”

“I made us flight reservations for San Diego California, for three days. Our flight leaves out this evening.”

“Not a week.”

“Baby, I have to get back sometime and finish the paper work for my new position.”

“Are you excited about the new job position?”


“To celebrate, I will buy you the biggest and juiciest steak once we land.”

“I may hold you to that.”

“Could I ask you something?”

Her home telephone rang.

“Excuse me.”

Shamika lifted the telephone receiver and placed it up to her ear.


No one uttered a reply


No one said anything.

She hung up.

Conner hung up the telephone.

“If you sit down, we could eat.”

Kwan took a seat at the table.

Her phone rang again.

Shamika walked to the telephone. She reached for the telephone receiver and placed it up to her ear.


“You still have my necklace?”

“Yes, would you like me to mail it to you?”

Conner paused.

“Did I mail it to you, when I gave it to you?”

“Would you like to meet me somewhere?”

“You could bring it to me.”

“Bring it to you, are you sure.”

“Yes our relationship is over, no love lost. I only want what I placed on your lying ass neck, returned.”

Shamika paused with a forth coming remark.

“I will bring it to you before I board my flight.”

Conner paused before he spoke.

“Are you going to meet another man?”

“A little vacation to clear my head.”

“Good luck with that. Women like you never change. You drain a good brotha like me emotional, and then financially.”

“That was uncalled for.”

“Dammit it’s the fucking truth!”

Shamika took a deep breath.

“Conner, do you want your necklace or not.”

“Yes, I will be home this late afternoon, and cancel your fucking flight.”

He slammed the phone down in her ear.

Shamika placed the telephone receiver back on the cradle.

“What does Conner want with you?”

“His necklace back.”

“I could give it to him.”

“I do not think that would be advisable. How are you going to explain that?”

“I could say you dropped it off at my office.”

“No, I need closure.”

Kwan cupped her chin. “Make sure you get closure with your legs closed.”

“There is no relationship. Conner is done with me.”

“And make sure you keep it that way.”

“I could meet you at the airport this evening. This should not take too long.”

“Baby make sure you call your wife, I do not want any interruptions.” She winked at him. “Now let’s eat our breakfast it’s getting cold.”  

Shamika and Kwan sat down, blessed over the food, and ate.


Kwan and Shamika walked to the door.

“Next time wear a coat.”

“I rushed over here; I did not have time to put one on.” He pulled her into his arms. “I will meet you back here later on instead of the airport.”


“Yes, at four o’clock. I have to go home and change, and from there into the office to take care of some neglected work.”

“Thank goodness no snow to contend with.”

“Remember; keep your fucking legs closed.”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“I will answer that once our flight lands in California.”

Kwan leaned his head down and kissed Shamika on her lips.

“I’ll see you later.” He stroked her cheek, opened the door, and walked out the door.

Shamika closed the door. She returned to the kitchen to clean up.




Conner sat at his desk. He looked reads the file on the case the grand jury brought an indictment against. He sat back in his chair.

Someone knocked on his door.

Conner placed the file down on the desk. Conner walked into General Attorney General Walden’s office

“Come in.”

His assistant opened the door.

Mr. Delleron, Mr. Walden is requesting your presence.”

“Thank you.”

His assistant pulled the door close.

Conner stood. He walked around the desk to the door, and opened it.


Conner knocked on General Attorney Walden’s door.

“Come in.”

Conner opened the door and entered Mr. Walden’s office.

Mr. Walden stood.

“You wanted to see me.”

“Yes, please have a seat.”

Conner strolled into Mr. Walden’s office. He pushed the door close, and went to take a seat across for him.

“How could I be of assistance sir?”

“How is your lovely fiancée?”

“Fine sir.”

“I have been informed several colleagues and several political figures have been invited to a gathering the beginning of next year. I think you and your fiancée should be in attendance.”

“Why would my fiancée and my presence be beneficial sir?”

“It would be a good move for your career, laterally.”

“As in political.”

“That depends on your agenda; however, it will be a relaxing weekend.”

“Sir if I must ask, where is this relaxing weekend taking place.”


“I would think about it sir.”

“Please let me know otherwise. Hotel accommodations, airfare and food would be included. One of the perks of being a politician.”

Conner stood, turned, and walked to the door. He opened it and walked out.



Later That Day


Conner poured himself another drink. He heard a car pull up. He walked to the window and pulled the curtain back. Shamika stepped out of her vehicle and closed the door. Damn the woman always looks fucking sexy he thought. Conner looked at the slashed pair of black denim jeans, stuffed inside a pair of leather black boots, and the white parka she was wearing. Her hair was in a fattened long braid dangling down her back.

Shamika walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Conner let the curtain drop. He took another gulp of his Brandy and placed the glass down on the table. He walked out of the living room over to the door.

Conner took a deep breath and opened.


Conner said nothing. He opened the door for Shamika to enter his home. Conner slammed the door. Shamika jumped, she turned around.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” Shamika whispered. She bent her head.    “Could you ever… forgive me?” Shamika looked up.

Conner said nothing. He walked into the living room. Shamika followed.

Conner walked to the bar.

“Would you like a drink?”

“No... I’m driving.”

Conner walked to the table and lifted his drink. He walked over to the window and looked out.

“Oh, here is your necklace back.”

“I don’t want it,” Conner tossed over his shoulder

“It’s a beautiful necklace not to want it back.”

“Dammit, I said I do not want it!”

Shamika did not know what to say. She walked over to Conner’s turned back. Conner sensed her proximity.

“Do you love my uncle?”

“Does it matter?”

“Answer the fucking question.”


“Just like I thought.” Conner turned around. “This shit between us was only a game to you.”

“Conner, how could you say that, I’m in love with you?”

He leaned in. “You do not understand the concept of that shit.”

“Maybe I should go.”

“What, to mess with another brotha’s head. Jas gave me your fucking book to read. It looks like you were quite the nymph in your day. Fucking men at you leisure, including students. Damn you are a disgrace to women. Well today, Conner is here to tell you, you will not get away with fucking me over.”

“Conner, I never meant in a thousand years to hurt you, do you really think the time we’ve spent together I could be such an uncaring person that this is not emotionally affecting me.” Shamika reached out. “Could you at least hold me, and tell me everything is going to be all right between us.”

Conner slapped her hand away. “Do not fucking touch me! Right about now, you do not mean shit to me. All you are is a nutt rag to men.”

Tears rolled down Shamika’s cheeks.

“Save the bullshit tears for another weak brotha, because this one is putting your ass out of commission, now get the fuck out of my home.”

“You do not love me anymore.”

“I said get the fuck out of my house.”

Shamika took a step forward.

“Now dammit!”

Shamika turned and walked out the living room.

Conner heard the door close, minutes later, he heard her car drive away.




“Let me understand you Mr. Spellman. You want me to enroll at Chicago Technical University as a student, and set this woman up.”

“Yes, it seems she lives in the past, it’s about time someone refreshes hers. Could you do the job or not.”

“Since you got me into Central Chicago State University years ago, then yes, this assignment will be easy.”

“I need pictures of her interacting with you, at her place of employment, and at her home.”

“I could handle that.”

“Make sure you enroll in one of her night classes for better assess to her.”

“I have this Mr. Spellman.”

“Good, we will meet sometime after the holidays. The winter break will be starting very soon.”

Jaggar stood up.

“Thanks for the drink.”

“Tell your mother I said hello.”

“I will.”

Jaggar turned and walked out of the Keiwan’s study.

Keiwan stood. He felt pleased about his decision. “After I’m finished with you, you will not be able to get a job in a school cafeteria."


Unrevised Edition

Copyright Kemy 2020



 Erotica and Romance Novelist