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Does she intend to torture me, knowing her avatar is all it takes

I’ve regretted I_Is_Me again and again, but he refuses to be fake
I’ve wallow in the pain of being the one wrapped into her poetry
I silently scream please boo, please acknowledge, and forgive me

But we are so far into our future, please Boo can you also release me
Late nights spent praying that you, that you’d shine and show our destiny
Flowers springing from hillsides as we rolled back and forth wrapped in clovers
Sexual encounters with an intimacy swearing that I never knew you over and over

I knew that I was difficult, too many I_ Is_ Me was fucked up beyond repair
But baby the pain though always felt, was so much less with you there
Even at our most extreme, you pushed me to my mental and physical extreme
The tears and the mending, enticing and ripping us at our very seams

Can you understand my need possibly, my grasp for a version of our past
I reached for an apparition of a hand praying that it would last
Fragments of us hurling by, I clasped and bit at you again
Haha late night mental rendezvous of us basking in our sins

We are so sorry for each and everyone that you’ve lost and missed
But we are raw dawg in our life and death is how we live
We tried to live Marry Poppins style, but that was simply a fake version of us
She knows for me to exist her communication is a must

But with pain she neglects the very life force that I need
Our love a cautionary sign that I should heed
Times spent contemplating life and existence, while puffing on my weed
She’s so much more than my Eve, she’s my core, my very seed

Copyright©I_IS_ME 2020

Another K Production


 Erotica and Romance Novelist