Mmm... can I ride your arousal all night long      

No words, this is the coating of action        

Watching you beg, for this illicit tongue satisfaction        

You feel my cunt my love pulsating on that erection of yours        

Oh yes, palm that breast and lick over my nipple        

Yes... oh you’re sticking a finger deep inside my wet pussy        

You know you always wanted too... mmm…. you know you need too        

Oh, my love, I see you’re getting quite hard        

Now push me down to my knees          

Whisper it in my ear for me to please        

Oh are so hard        

You like my tongue stroking the length of your taut skin        

You giving me into my nightly sins        

Driving me crazy with your…sss... and your echoing hisses        

No….no…no….no.. open your eyes        

I want you to watch me please you, this tongue lust comes with a naughty surprise        

You know I can lick you all over up and down, until sunrise        

No rhyming here…this the sheer of my tongue bathing you my dear        

In your face, I want to see the shadow of lust cross your face        

Mmm… let me just kiss the tip...please        

Licking around the dome as the length slides back and forth between my lips, as it tease        

Oh, your pre-cum ... mmm slobbing all over your knob        

Shh...... you know you want to see it dissolve        

You know you love this blowjob         

Male readers …just touch yourself for me        

Close your eyes…...oh yeah… you feel the faint of my lips… my tongue slowly smearing your pearly drips        

Moving my hand aside        

Placing your dick between my breasts...oh yes you like that        

Oh, sweet mercy…go on my love… make love to my breasts        

I want to feel your warm cum squirting all over my dark brown nipples        

Your streams of satisfaction dripping through my fingertips        

Tasting …. oh God tasting as I lick you off my fingers, oh yes        

Baby…slow down… wait a minute… wait.. wait.. wait.. wait palming my head        

Holding your erection with the other one... easing that hardness up and down my clit        

Kissing the tip....oh baby...cum      

Oh yes... mmm... throw your head back        

Umm…hum…. your grunts making my fingers wet my pussy...        

Taking your girth deep in my mouth...sucking your soft throb        

Tasting your cum, saturating oo… just to feel inside my wet south        

Inching my lips back        

Licking around your head        

Your drips sliding down the head of your dick... Mmm… you like this        

Oh, now you want me lay down…part my thighs and watch me please myself        

Running a finger ever so softy over my slit        

Smearing the essence on my nipple…then licking it off        

That excites you… mmmm…. opening my legs wider        

You like that pink opening        

You want to slide all up in it        

Mmm.. hurry...hurry up my love… oh the honey is already warm for the pour

 Erotica and Romance Novelist