The Nun Runner Series

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I Will Allow The Trailer To Speak For Itself Brought To You By Another K Production 

Action, sex, drama, follow the drugs and the money. A cat and mouse game to takeover the empire the Nun Runner rules with an iron fist. Engage your mind in the revenue found on the streets of New York, a gun battle on the strip of Miami, and discreet sex in China town. All this awaits you in the Epic thriller of the Nun Runner's story. Brought To You By Another K Production


The third installment of my Nun Runner series. Drugs, Money, and Several assassins' order by the Nun Runner. Indulge in a game of cat and mouse as and see who shall be given the righthand to stand wiht the Nun Runner as she take over New York, Los Angles, and China. Brought to you by Another K Production

The Forth Installment Of The Nun Runner Series Gangsta Paradise) Mini-Production Brought to you by Another K Production


Kemy Erotica Romance Novelist