Misplaced Heart

Night patrolling like a
Chameleon changing with the breeze
The moonlit path I prowl
Blending the scent with the fragrance of Mother Nature’s essence
Licking my soft paws for the venture of the stalk
Into the thickness of the forest I meander
Fields of landing so vast, so serene
Dancing into view
Merriment of lush and green
Into the distance, so virile he perches upon a hilltop
My feline dopamine has sensed the pedigree of his soul
Awaiting to merge our dynasties
Under a galaxy of stars foretold
A mirage to the presence of the hunt
The other half of my forevermore soul  
Displaced in the upswept of a gentle wind  
Wisps of midnight passion  
Tender kisses bequeathed to my soft lips
Sugary sensations of beguiling movements  
Oh how sweet thy sound
Shorten to the passion to give
Longing in the rapture of its receiving  
To the heart that sighs upon the tarry
The sunset is slowly fading  
The scribbles of my name still resonates  
In the beautiful majestic skies  
My weary heart still beats, echoing for the faint calling of my name
Misplaced heart

Kemy Erotica Romance Novelist